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Daryl. I find him attractive.
& who made that demodivational poster? they've appeantly never seen a hillbilly before. :-l
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Demonic Lunatic

Both are bad a** characters. It's hard for me to choose.

I think I like Tallahassee more, but not by very much.
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Witty Prophet

Tooo difficult...
Tallahasse totally beats darryl, he beat the crap out of 500 zombies. Darryl? 3 per episode
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I'm cheating and picking both. They both have excellent zombie apocalypse skills. Daryl can hunt, so we won't go hungry and Tallahassee has his very creative killing techniques...I'd just have to keep a supply of twinkies and crossbow bolts on hand.
Tallahassee no contest.
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Daryl of course.
Daryl is way more dark
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Tallahassee wahmbulance dramallama dramallama stressed stressed stressed stressed
really of course TALLAHASEE BABY HE IS A wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance wahmbulance KILLING MACHINE wahmbulance
Daryl heart
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Questionable Borg

Tallahasse totally beats darryl, he beat the crap out of 500 zombies. Darryl? 3 per episode
But how many epsiodes has he been in?

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