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DARYL!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
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Mayor Gravity
Tallahasse totally beats darryl, he beat the crap out of 500 zombies. Darryl? 3 per episode
But how many epsiodes has he been in?

assuming each episode is 45 minutes (15 being comercials)

daryl, lets say he kills 6 zombies an episode,

and lets say for S&G hes been in every episode ever and killed 6 zombies, thats still around 100-150 zombies.

Talahasse, killed around 100 zombies in 30 minutes.
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Daryl is gorgeous, but he lacks Tallahasee's sense of humor. smile Nonetheless, I love them both.
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Wow Thank you all for commenting, keep the comments coming mrgreen
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Zombielands Tallehasse! He is the best Zombie Killer I think ever. If I met him in a Zombie Apocolypse I would live! He has great techinques and he can kill tons without getting a scratch. I'll just make sure to have a box of twinkies when he gets upset xD
your right tallehasse is the best zombie killer ever scream . i also love that he has a weakness for twinkies. who else kills zombies while riding a rollercoaster. i love daryl but tallehasse beats him. tallehasse looks sexy in that hat. wink
Tallahassee's character was pretty generic.
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This might be coming from another place, but i say Daryl is the better man... He has a crossbow.

I love Crossbows!
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They both have awesome traits, but I prefer Daryl.

Tallahassee is a complete bad-a**, he kills zombies and doesn't afraid of anything

Daryl kills zombies, doesn't afraid of anything, is never afraid to speak his mind, is constantly helping others and the rest of the group, and is an all-around great guy.

Tallahassee may kill lots of zombies, but he ain't got nothin' on Daryl. Daryl is my Husbandu~
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I don't know, Tallahases is really awesome.
yet, Daryl is a striaght up Zombie killing machine! No hesitations just, off with that Zombies head!!!
Actually, I do know.... go Daryl!!!!!!
Wait are you serious??? comparing Daryl with that loser???? a better mach would be Daryl vs Shaun of the Dead xd
Tallahassee! I dunno why, but....

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