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my favorite soccer team:

my favorite players:
ronaldo & ronaldinho
my fave football team is Arsenal and fave football player is Thierry Henry
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my fav sport is football oh for the americans its soccer
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my fav team in england liverpool i support england fav players beckham and gerrard
NFL team:Titans
NBA team: Wizards
MLS team: Manchester United

{Playing still} Not playing anymore

NFL player: {Jevon Kearse} OJ Simpson
NBA player: {Lebron James} Pete Yaravich/Dr. J
MLS player: {Brian Ching} Pele
chingy my home boy
Favorite team: Spurs

They are in contrary to what most people think, not boring. Parker slashes his way to the basket and finishes with precision, better than almost anybody in the league not named Lebron or Bryant. Ginobili pulls up for jumpers, and you really dont know what this guy's gonna do. Duncan kills you with hook shots and blocks while Bowen guards and stops the best perimeter player of the opposing team.

Favorite Player: Tim Duncan

Best NBA Player since Jordan, no doubt. 4 championships, and is the only NBA Player to win both All-Defensive Team and All-NBA Team awards in 10 years (his whole career). Shows how balanced the guy is.
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Bob burn quest or eric koston . there pro skatbeoarders
I don't really watch anything other than NHL.... even though it's done now!
Anywho, I think the Ottawa Senators are awesome! The made it to the Stanley Cup finals... and then lost 4-1 i think.
My favourite player would be Alfredson #11.
We know how much you guys like to discuss your favorite team or player, so here's your very own thread to do it in. Rather than have dozens of threads spread out in the forum, you can do it in a much more visible place.

Note that threads asking/discussing "who is your favorite ____ player or "who is your favorite ___ team" will be subject to recycling. We all like to keep the forum clean, don't we?
my fave team is the ravens
We all will disagree on sports issues, but remember that there is a line between a disagreement and a flame. Be mindful of respectful of other users' opinions even if you don't agree. Flaming/trolling other users can get you in trouble and we don't want that heart

Now, on to the discussion.
Who is your favorite sports player?
What is your favorite sports team?
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my fav team in england liverpool i support england fav players beckham and gerrard
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My favorite team is the Boston Red Sox!

My favorite player is David Ortiz!

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