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                                        Flinging the thick coat of blood from her hand and onto the ground, Jeane looked at Alkaid as the redhead spat out blood, stepping forward to tend to her. She didn't miss when the younger girl began to question how it felt for her to kill viciously without hesitation like she did, but Jeane didn't answer her. The blonde was completely silent, grabbing the shopping bag that had the lolita outfit Alkaid had picked out and the leather jacket she liked then moving towards the redhead. Scarlet eyes watched her fall to her back on the ground and she dropped the shopping bag beside Alkaid as she knelt down. "I'm a killer. Always have been. Always will be," Jeane whispered into her ear when she leaned in close, finally telling Alkaid the reason behind her cold actions during battle. The redhead wanted to know, so Jeane told her. It was only fair because Jeane was not going to paint herself as some person with a heart of gold who did no kind of wrong when that was totally not the case. She was a killer and there was nothing that was going to change that. Jeane accepted this with open arms so now she was going to give Alkaid the choice to either stick by her or take flight.

                                        Pulling away, Jeane fished out the lolita dress out of the shopping bag and flipped the dress over to see the white cotton lining underneath, beginning to rip a long line of fabric from it she felt was big enough to wrap around Alkaid's wound. "So this was what I was saving this dress for," The blonde said, thinking out loud, pushing Alkaid up and resting her against her right thigh; beginning to wrap the cotton fabric around her midsection. Tying a small knot to make sure the wrapping will not fall off, Jeane pulled out her leather jacket and decided to place it over the redhead's shoulders just to cover her. She wasn't concerned about any blood getting on the jacket as she figured she could clean it out later.

                                        "Lets get you to the hospital," She said to the younger girl as it seemed she was going to pass out from exhaustion and loss of blood, but also at a disbelief that she had to kill Haseo. Jeane almost wanted to ask her who Haseo was, but there was no time for that as she needed to get her to a medic quickly. She hooked one arm beneath Alkaid's knees as the other rested behind her back and Jeane began walking down the street with no trouble as she carried her in her arms. The blonde had stopped someone to point her in the direction of the nearest hospital, lucky that it wasn't far from where they were inside of the shopping district. If Alkaid was someone else, Jeane wouldn't have been so attentive towards her as the blonde didn't concern herself with the well-being of others besides herself, but with the kindness the redhead had treated her with so far, Jeane was going to make sure that she was taken cared of.

                                        Two nurses crowded around them when Jeane had carried Alkaid inside, asking the blonde what happened to which she replied, "She had been attacked by someone and now she has a deep cut in her midsection. "

                                        With that, one of the nurses had made an immediate call for medical attention and a stretcher was made available. A male nurse was holding his arms out for Jeane to give Alkaid to him and when she did, the nurse's eyes widen slightly in surprise as he didn't expect for the redhead to be heavy as Jeane made it look like she weighed nothing.

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                                            Before he could take another step, someone slid right in front of him after a familiar voice shouted something he had gotten familiar with since the last time he fought that high school girl, seeing a bushy white afro accompanied with smooth brown skin, Travis immediately recognized her. "Shinobu?!" He said in surprised. She got dragged into this world too? The last time he saw the girl was when she saved him from death at the last minute by cutting off part of Jeane's arm that was deep inside of him when the blonde had her guard down. If Shinobu hadn't reminded him to take his chance to finally kill her before the blonde had gotten any ideas, he was sure that he would have fell for Jeane's manipulative plea. Now he was beginning to wonder if Sylvia was there along with them as well as Henry...Man he was looking for a rematch!

                                            "So you- Hold up! Did you just call me "Master"?! I don't have time to be taking up apprentices right now!" Travis said when he had finally caught what she had called him, turning to glare at Yuri when he heard the male burst out laughing and begin teasing him about it. "You shut the hell up! I'm not her master!"
                                            Travis was not some damn kiddie fiddler! Shinobu was still in high school! Though unbeknownst to him she was coming from three years in the future which made her totally legal! Glancing back at Shinobu, eyebrow raising when he realized what she was wearing. That outfit sure was sexy so was she wearing it to appear older?

                                            "Ow! You're gonna get it when this is all over, a*****e!" Travis scowled and rubbed his back when meathead Yuri elbowed him, but his attention was soon immediately focused on some purple monster throwing Vincent into the wall, brows furrowing in confusion when Vincent suddenly transformed into the same thing and started saying stuff like getting back to Catherine so he could rule hell...What? Travis just blinked as Vincent spoke to Yuri, who was looking just as puzzled as he was. When the red-eyed male turned to look at him just to confirm if what he saw really happened before their very eyes, Travis nodded as if he was unsure, "Yeah...I only see that kind of s**t in anime."

                                            Suddenly he heard X yelling, looking to see that the robot was pounding his fist against the ground screaming "not again!" Travis couldn't help, but c**k his brow at this and lightly elbowed Yuri in his side and pointed in X's direction. They weren't gay lovers or something were they? Travis thought to himself as the whole situation was weird. Maybe the robot didn't expect for Vincent to actually leave him to go back to this girl named Catherine, though unbeknownst to him, X actually thought Vincent sacrificed himself. "Uh...There's more fish in the sea...?" Travis said to X then shrugged his shoulders before running off, slicing his own clone down with a final blow before it could attempt to grab Alice in a suplex maneuver. He scowled when he heard Shinobu call him "master" again, not knowing that this was going to be a name that would be sticking with him for a long time despite his protest.

                                            "I'm not your master!" Travis reiterated as he glared back at Shinobu, blinking and then looking to see that the girl was asking about Alice. Yuri went to defend his girlfriend and Travis couldn't help, but chuckle at Shinobu's mistake, looking around to see where Alice's clone was, but he didn't see her- THWACK!

                                            "The ********?! OW!" Travis turned to look behind himself to see that Alice's clone was actually behind him and now attacking him with her bible. He pushed her away after he blocked a hit to the head from her book again, "Yuri was talking about this one- OW! Yuri, get your girlfriend number two!- No forget it, Shinobu you take care of her while he and I get rid of Blueberry up on the roof!"

                                            He started making a run for it, "Come on, Yuri!" When they got closer to the building, Travis climbed up Yuri's back and began standing on his shoulders, reaching to grab the edge of the roof as he placed his right foot on top of Yuri's head to get more leverage before finally making it up there.

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                                            ④ (currently) - with Alice, Yuri, Blueberry (Megaman), and...SHINOBU?!

                                            "Travis speaking"

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Where am I?:xxxxxxxx
Was with Dante, Nero, and Kyrie but back in the hotel.
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Dante... but I hope he doesn't know...

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                                                                  When Dante questioned if Lady wanted to castrate him she could only smile slightly, if only he knew what she really wanted to do down there. Sure she was shy about it or what she wanted to do with him but damn it was far too fun to tease Dante like this. Though if she was able to see the man lick his lips she might have blushed rather deeply. Lady had the courage to tease but not the strength to handle being teased. Lady had to hold in the chuckle forming over how sexual each and everything that Dante said sounded...always ready.. this man really thought with something else sometimes...or perhaps at the same, she really couldn't tell.

                                                                  She was really embarrassed to give Dante her sexual secret but she wanted him to know she was still a virgin...because well she was waiting for mister right. When he asked who it was she just rolled her shoulders and looked away. " He is kinda a idiot but its part of his charm... though I gotta say he is a great guy under all his..well, I might have said too much.. After all can't have you hunting him down , right? " She said with a half smirk to tease him and in hopes to detour him from knowing it was him. After all younger Dante wasn't the sharpest Rebellion in the tool shed. "Miight introduce you to him. " She added as she looked away and then swallowed the lump in her throat....it was hard to lie to hi right now. After all she loved him for a few yeas now but he had to take the move. She was a bit traditional in that sense but even that was running thin with her.

                                                                  Dante seemed to be curious to how he was in the future as she tapped her own lip. She made it look like she was thinking it all over. "Well you are a bit more mellowed out and a lot stronger. You also still got your charm to you, after all you got your humor but its well more thought out. You also have a lot more confidence to you and well... over all you are about the same, you still lose all your bets. " She shrugged and then looked back over to the man hoping that was good enough for him. "Oh yeah...you kinda teach Nero the ropes out there, in your aggressive ways... there was a girl in the group too, Trish but she kinda doesn't stick around. So you are stuck with me and only me to make sure you stay in line. " Alright, Lady was lying at that point but she saw Trish as competition so she wanted to snuff it out now while she could.

                                                                  A frown formed when Dante was questioning her skills at repair. When working with Dante you had to learn a few things on how to repair with the rate he broke things. She then glared at him as the game was now on, she was not going to lose the bet so what did she have to lose right? "Alright Dante... If the light goes out today, I will tell you who that mr. right is...and if you lose, you tell me if there is anyone you like, got it? After all I want to know so I don't accidently shoot her thinking she is some demon breaking into the place. " She said with a playful hint in her tone.

                                                                  Lady could fell her blood boil as she watched Dante's eyes examine her posed body...a small and fait blush forming as she seemed to feel her heart rate rise with his suggestive words. "And...what might that be...don't you dare leave a girl hanging like this... " She said softly as she tried to keep her composure but felt it leaving her body rather quickly. Dante seemed to have that effect on her a lot more likely. It was probably because he wasn't a demon in her eyes anymore, he was just simply Dante...a man she had fallen for.

                                                                  Lady seemed to chuckle at the concept of Dante wanting to find ot Nero's kinks. It would be pretty funny if he had a nun kink considering he was a demon and all. Though she glanced over to Dante and wonder what his kinks were. After all she could tease him with them as soon as she found out what they were. "That or he has a school girl kink...or is that you? I forget one of you do. " She said as she seemed to glance over to the window then Dante, if Dante had the kink she might have to bust out her old outfit...then again it wouldn't button properly and the skirt might be a bit too short...but hell, Dante would like that.

                                                                  Then she seemed to pout a bit as Dante found more interest in revenge then her...perhaps she should just strip for him to keep his attention. Then again boys will be boys and these two definately were boys. "I can try to.~ " She said in a slightly sensual way as she watched Dante cause a demon to burst into sand over the couple below covering them in sand. This caused a small chuckle to leave her lips as she seemed to suddenly jump a bit as she found Dante's hands on each side of her head. The man's eyes looking into hers as her sunglasses fell to the ground, what? She jumped. Her face gained a blush that was rather apparent, not completely red but more obvious then the earlier one. She soon shivered as she felt Dante's lips so close, that hot breath making her rather hot...god why in the hell was this man so sexy?

                                                                  "Thats...up...to...you Dante....after all.. I can't reach my gun... " She said as her hands were clinging to the windowsill and her gun was on her leg so she couldn't really reach it. Well that was a lie but Dante didn't need to know that. Her hands seemed to grasp Dante's back now, clinging to his red jacket as she whispered in a very embarrassed and sexual way. "Dante..." She closed her eyes and started to lean in as she just felt a chill up her spine and her eyes snapped open only to see one of Nero's swords coming right at her head. 'Oh ******** me! ' She thought as she pushed herself forward and tackled Dante to the ground. Though something happened she really didn't expect....her lips felt a lot warmer, and pressed....on....something....oh god....her eyes went wide as she found out soon that she had Dante pinned to the ground, her hips straddling his, her hands pinning his down, and their lips locked. Her mouth was slightly open against his as she let out a very soft moan in the moment she tasted him...dear lord why did demons taste so good, it must be a sin! She froze and felt her body flush red....her first kiss... like this!? Nero was dead....

                                                                  What snapped her from her state of shock was the light clicking off only for her to jump back and off of Dante while stumbling to her feet. Her face was as deep red as possible as she covered her mouth... She looked to the light as the second sword severed the wire...causing the light to no longer work...she lost a bet an BIG bet and got kissed!? Why did everything crumble in a instant. She quickly turned away from Dante and then walked away as fast as she could. Her words unable to form as she seemed to have a plan...get away from Dante so her feelings for him wouldn't be discovered and making Nero suffer. Though in truth she owed Dante that information...but she didn't want to give it so she hoped Dante wouldn't address it.

                                                                  When she made it to the bottom she had Dante's Ivory gun at hand and her face down as she spoke out in a broken way, stuttering the whole time. " N-n-n-n-ero!!! You broke it! N-n-now get y-y-your a** up there and fix it or mommy is going to kick your a**...GOT THAT?! " She looked up at him with a flustered anger written all over her face, only to take a shot right past his head but not near Kyrie at all. She then stomped past them and called out. "See ya back at the Hotel! " She then felt her feet pick up pace as she was now running, tears in her eyes...not bad ones, just ones filled with complete and utter embarrassment.

                                                                  When she made it back to the hotel she ran in and then past the other people only to find herself back in her room and forgot to lock the door as her knees gave out and then fell to where her back landed against the wall to keep her on her feet. She had forgotten her sunglasses and even Dante as she spoke softly to herself. "Why...in the hell am I acting like this...he wanted a kiss right...I gave it to him....but...what if it was all a game...and what if he hates me now...god dammit...why must this be so complicated...I wish I could just say something... but I can't.... I don't want to lose him over this s**t... Dante...I.... " She found the words choking her as she couldn't even say it out loud to herself...man she felt pathetic..the tears now welling up more in her eyes, daring to fall down her cheeks. She just wanted her composure back and hoped and prayed that Dante wasn't upset with her.

▬♦enosaga III♦▬



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                                                                  Garrus's optimism almost caused T-Elos skin to crawl, she knew for a fact that they all were stuck here and he still had hope. She wanted to beat it into him that this world was no way connected to their own but she seemed to just look away. "Hopeful...aren't you? " She said in a bored tone as she seemed to close her eyes. She was still just as confused over the concept of her and Kos-Mos being here and Kos-Mos possessing T-Elos inside of her. It was a rather confusing paradox that none of her systems could solve and all chalked it up to some sort of time travel.

                                                                  She froze a bit and looked to Kos-Mos with a fully shocked expression, the woman apologized... sincerely apologized?! This caused what inside of her that could be a heart skip a bit. For her to hear such a thing from Kos-Mos was a world stopping moment for her. She then spoke in just as soft tone to the other woman. "Kos-Mos... " With that she turned away as she could feel her own face heating up...which was odd for a cyborg but she was a lot more human then Kos-Mos...to think such a few simple words from Kos-Mos would cause this while she teased Faize in such sexual ways and it caused nothing to this degree. Did the other woman have such a power over her? She shook her head and then continued in what she was doing, after all she would address where in the hell that came from later...the woman was protective over her and also willing to show such emotions. Was this the effect their merger had on Kos-Mos?

                                                                  When the transmission kicked in she responded back, " You trust me....is this part of the new you? Well if I said it was a honor would you hold it to heart? " She glanced back to the blue haired girl, was she really willing to trust T-Elos around her precious master? " As for it being a ether ability it is unlikely... it was magic much different from our realm... I will show you if I ever find her again. She is a kind woman. " T-Elos was talking of Rydia and how she saved her, considering she tried to kill Faize's friend and lied to them all. Now to why T-Elos was telling Kos-Mos all this was unkown to her, though it could be due to their odd connection now...and the fact that the once souless android she used to fight now showed emotion... time may only tell what caused this change in T-Elos.

                                                                  When Kos-Mos spoke of tampering with T-Elos's system her eyes glared for a moment, as if to shoot her down here and there. Though the blue haired woman did have a grand point, she knew T-Elos's programming just as good as she did...if not better... she then let out a soft sigh as she now had to trust the woman she once fought against and wished to destroy. She then responded with a bit of hesitance but it was a honest tone. " ....I trust your word...but you must understand how I see this... it will take time to fully trust you...though if you were going to end me, you could do it now easily and not take the effort to do so with my system...so.....if I need repair... I trust you, perhaps I will return the favor.. " She then seemed to look to the other two that had caught up, her eyes settling on Legion as he seemed to had made a remark eariler on how she had a error over how he might need a update. Her fist tightened a bit as she had the urge to strike the robot here and now but held it in, letting it boil inside of her. "What ever scrap metal. " She said with a bit of venom...it was honesty difficult for her to be able to hold in all this aggression, it was part of who she was after all so she needed to find a outlet so she could cool down and not attack their new allies. Though she had a feeling she would always have the urge to rip off Garrus's head..it just seemed their relationship to be honest.

                                                                  A sudden bang filled her ears as a sniper shot at them, her eyes settling on the source as it seemed to be a copy of one of their new friends. A clone?! This caused her to summon her arm blade as she ready to attack but found herself pause a bit as she heard Kos-Mos speak of entities...so perhaps there were more copies? She then shifted to where she was closer to Kos-Mos only to see a copy of herself and the older version of Kos-Mos before them? This caused her eyebrow to raise a bit wondering why Kos-Mos's copy was much weaker then the current one she traveled with. When she watched Kos-Mos's image attack her she seemed to glare a bit, no one was able to harm Kos-Mos other then her! "I will---- " She was about to attack her own but found that Kos-Mos moved in front of her. "What is the meaning of this? " She asked only to get her answer soon after, this caused her to grin a bit...oh this was too rich. She then moved to where she would fight Kos-Mos's twin and then spoke."You truly know how to spoil me...Kos-Mos...perhaps there is something to this new relationship we share....now do not kill me too badly. " She joked as she glanced to where Garrus and Legion were only to chuckle. "How about we do not...we can handle our own clones if you two can handle yours...or do you need a hand? " She said in a slightly sadistic tone as she seemed to take joy in watching the other two squirm.

                                                                  She then rushed Kos-Mos's clone in a instant her foot connected with the woman's chest as it sent her flying. Though before she could fly away she grasped the foot and then swung her over her head and face down into the concrete. She then stomped n the gut twice only to find the second time her foot was captured. T-Elos was then tossed off and then felt a bullet graze her skin causing minor damage as she hissed a bit....more so in anger over her slip up then in pain. She could not believe she allowed such a slip up. Soon Kos-Mos's clone jumped up and then charged T-Elos. This was when T-Elos got serious as she started to dodge the clone for a bit. Her hand shifting back into a hand as she grasped both of her forearms and spun behind the clone. It was then her boot slammed down into the spine of the clone her grin going wide as she applied enough pressure to rip both arms off and then tossed them aside, her hand shifting to gun form and shot its head clear off as she then looked up to the sky and let out a long sigh...that really felt nice...perhaps she cold just rewrite her memory and leave this in there instead of her defeat?

                                                                  She glanced over to Kos-Mos from the corner of her eyes as she wondered if the other woman was done. She felt bad she had ended the clone so quickly and harshly...wait was she filling pity?! For a image of Kos-Mos... "There must be a error in my programming... " She brought her hand up and touched her visor as she searched inwardly in hopes to find the error...after all she could not be bonding with the woman after all, could she?


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                                                    Shinobu (Scarlet) Jacobs
                                                    xxxxx No more Heroes 2

                                                  Shinobu seemed to watch the interaction between Yuri and Alice with a completely flat expression. She wanted to know their bond so she could make sure she didn't have to end Alice for trying to get near her master. Though time would tell that their bond was much closer then she thought when she first saw Alice...so they were a couple huh? That was good, one less obstacle for her to overcome now. She then glared at Yuri and then spoke her mind, "Well ******** you too, I don't need your help for these small fries. " She huffed when he wouldn't give her any information over what Alice's clone could do. She would just fight it as she could. Luckily she didn't hear Yuri teasing Travis about bondage and a whip otherwise...well, if she finds out then you will know.

                                                  Though she gave X a what the ******** stare as he seemed to go off on a rant about that guy that just left, Vincent. She shook her head and sighed, "Drama queen....what ever, if it gets his a** in gear then like I care what his reasons are. " She spoke with her usual tone as she just shrugged a bit. The man might be a issue when it comes with her master now...after all if Vincent was that close to X then would X want to be that close to Travis...yaoi? She chuckled at the thought but would gladly cut down X if he dare tried that with Travis. Though she knew that Travis was straight, considering how many cute anime girl posters he has laying around.

                                                  When Travis asked what she called her and went on how he didn't have time to take on apprentices her brow arched...didn't he say that already? " I called you master...master... and its kinda lame to use the same words twice ya know? Well make time because I am not letting you go master. " She said in her stern tone as she glared at him...she wanted to know why he seemed off...like he wasn't the Travis she knew, well the one she knew recently.

                                                  As the fight went on it seemed that Travis still denied his position with her, well that sounded quite pervese but with Travis, when wasn't it? " What ever master. " She spoke in a slightly teasing tone. After all if she said it enough he might just cave in and go with it. Though the next sight made her stop in her tracks as Travis was getting hit by Alice's clone with her bible? Insane Christian much? She covered her mouth to stifle the chuckle as she watched in amusement over it and then shook her head...she remembered that Travis never really like attacking or killing women. That was why her hand was cut off and only her hand, he spared Shinobu when she was trying to kill him so much. He was a good guy, one of the many reasons Shinobu was attracted to him.

                                                  She then got her katana ready and flung it to her side. "What ever you want master, I am yours to command. " She said in a teasing way as she wanted to poke at Travis a bit more, her anger still very much there but right now was fighting...the anger of being denied would come after. She then glanced back to Alice as she spoke of being able to aid people if needed...what in the hell kinda aid did she mean? Though she did see hear her say some stuff and then it imbued Yuri's hands...alright that is really odd. Alright, I will let ya know..but I don''t think anyone here will harm me....might have to bandage my master's head, he only has a few brain cells left. " There was a bit of venom in tone as she charged Alice's clone. Though as charged the clone it seemed to cast a spell as a beam of light shot down at her. She leaped back but it caught her leg, what? She wasn't used to this sort of s**t? "Alright b***h....you are going to regret that. " She then charged up her blade again and then ran at the clone as fast as she could. "Sonic sword!!! " She then leaped above the clone and shot the blast down at her head. This caused her to be cut in half as she seemed to land on her feet. She clicked her katana back into its sheathe as she walked over towards Alice with her arms crossed only to offer her leg to the woman with a slightly pissed off look on her face, mostly at herself considering it was her mistake. " Guess I lied...but what ever, can you do anything about this or am I ********? Either way I am used to scars.. name is Shinobu...and that idiot over there...well its complicated. " She motioned towards Travis as she sighed, her hand still resting on her katana.

                                                  "So...what in the hell is this place anyways..? " She asked as she watched Travis and possibly Yuri and even X going after X's clone. She wasn't one to intrude on Travis's match unless she had a feeling he was going to die. After all she couldn't have Travis dying on her when she still wanted him around.

                                                  Location: Zion
                                                  Feelings:bored and pissed.
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                                                              Snow watched the others, sticking close to Serah and looking everyone over. There didn't seem to be much damage, it was mostly to him really, and it wasn't anything he couldn't handle. Now there was four of them, and he was starting to think of other options they now had to try and get some information. He was thinking that splitting up would actually be the best, they could cover more ground that way, and Henry could protect the girl... because there was no way he was leaving his fiancee behind.

                                                              "So, I think we should split up, and cover more ground. It's the best bet to get good information about where were are, and how we get back. Serah an' me will stick together, with Mog too of course, and we'll go north. You two go south, then we can meet back in a few hours and share what we've learned." Even if they didn't find each other again, he needed to talk to Serah about what happened to her, and she was always the most important, so he wanted to be alone with her for awhile.

                                                              This way, no one was alone, and they were getting twice as much information... it seemed like a win/win to him, and being the kind of guy he was, he wasn't going to take no as an answer to a perfectly good plan. "So, in a couple'a hours, we'll meet back her, yeah?" He took Serah's hand and he looked at the sun in the sky, figure out where north was, and he started to walk in that direction... the little woman didn't have enough weight to her to even slow him down.

                                                              Once they were out of ear shot, he slowed down, looking to his girl with a little but of a sad expression, "anyway, before we were interrupted, you were telling me about what happened... I want to know everything, even the bad parts, alright?" If he didn't know everything, then he wouldn't be able to help her. He wanted to do that more then anything. He had to protect her, it didn't matter if she could protect herself on her own... he still had to try...

                                                              He loved her, and would do anything for her. Since he'd left to try and find Light for her, it was pretty obvious that he loved her more then he wanted his own, personal happiness. He didn't even think about the fact Serah might not have wanted to split off from the other two, but he was worried too... his girl was the most important, and he wasn't going to talk about important stuff in front of strangers, not when it had to do with feelings and his fiancee... where they even still together? They had to be... right?

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                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Assorted burns and cuts: WorriedSTRIFEI wanna heal, I wanna feel like I’m close to something real

                                                              Cloud thought that all this was a little strange, but it wasn't a bad sort of strange actually... it made him happy to know that they were all moving on. That the sad past wasn't holding them back any more, that all four of them could look to happy futures together, full of laughter and children... and yes he was getting ahead of himself, and he might not have looked like it on the outside, but he was actually really very excited about all this. There was no reason not to be happy.

                                                              They were given their bags and he smiled a little, getting the one from Vincent, and he waved a little as the two of them left out into the cold again. Luckily it wasn't very long of a walk, but he kept looking to Tifa to make sure that she was okay. He'd taken some damage, but not as much as she had. He wondered if she still wanted to take a bubble bath and drink champagne now that they were supposed to be meeting up with Vincent and Yuffie... they were trying to buy a ring right? It was going to take them awhile for sure.

                                                              He opened the door for her when they got to the inn, and everyone inside gave them a little cheer at how they'd saved the hotel from Rosso... he smiled a little, but they were both cold and injured, he rushed them past the crowd and up the stairs to their room. He didn't stop until they were safely in the room with the door locked, and the bags on the floor. Right about then, Cloud pulled her into his arms and he kissed her softly, his hands gently slipping into her hair to deepen the kiss... the kind of kiss that he'd wanted to give her before.

                                                              "Now, that bath... I'll go start it." It would be nice really, plus they needed to get warm and that would do well to start defrosting them. He took his sword off his back and leaned it in the corner, then he stripped off his armor and shoes. His clothes weren't in very good shape, but maybe they could be fixed later, so he didn't through them out. So,in just his pants he walked into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the large tub.

                                                              He knew that they both rather liked hot showers and baths, mostly because the hot water heater in Seventh Heaven was always taxed in the morning... even with the large one he'd put in for the bar. He took a washcloth and rinsed the blood off of him before they got in, so they didn't dirty the water immediately, then he once it was half full, he fulled it with bubbles, using the vanilla carafe that was along the tub enclosure. The room was warm and fragrant rather quickly, then he took a breath and got up, going to get Tifa. He stood in the door and smiled a little, bringing his hand up to motion for her to come. He might have had wounds all over him, but he still looked pretty sexy, not that he thought about that really... he didn't ever try, it just happened.

                                                              L o v e Tifa LockhartSTRIFEI wanna find something I’ve wanted all alongSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEW e a p o n s Tsurugi
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Mystile
                                                                      Somewhere I belongA . S T R I F Emystile Restore :: All | Phoenix :: Final Attack | Ice :: Cover
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEI t e m s Ribbon
                                                                      Somewhere I belongSTRIFEP a r t y Tifa

                      User ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser Image

                      ASD e l i v e r ySTRIFE S p e c i a l i s tAS
AphroditeStrife's avatar

Shirtless Star

        User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                                                              Love of mineSTRIFEL o c a t i o n CrysisSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: AmusedSTRIFESome day you will die

                                                              Vincent did feel a bit bad that they were so beat up when they could have come and help, but the two didn't seem to be upset, in fact they seemed happy and together... and stronger somehow... that just the act of bring together made them indomitable. He understood, because he felt the same way... he really did. He felt unstoppable with Yuffie at his side... like he could charge into anything and as long as he was there with her, they would never be stopped. Love made you feel invulnerable... he understood now because he'd been in an unhealthy relationship where he was completely vulnerable, and that vulnerability made him scared... not happy like he was with Yuffie.

                                                              Cloud took the bag and they headed out, hand in hand, and he couldn't help but be happy for them. They both deserved some peace for once... and he was really glad they'd found it in each other. Maybe coming to this place wasn't that bad really... he wondered if it might not have been the best thing, because if not, would they have even managed the strength it needed to confess such feelings without the desperation of loss so close?

                                                              His musings were broken when his hyper little fiancee started trying to get him to look at rings. He was a simple sort of guy, and it had to be pretty flat so he could put his gauntlet on to fight. He looked down at the two that she was pointing to. They were both plain, though the later one was a bit less so, with a layered look to it. It was also flat, where the first one was rounded on the top, so it would stick out more from his fingers.

                                                              "Hm, this one,"
                                                              he said, pointing to the layered looking one. The gold wasn't a normal gold, it was tinted a bit away from yellow, it was simple, elegant, and wouldn't get in the way when he needed to fight. He was handed it, and he slipped it on his long ring finger on his left hand. He put his hand out so Yuffie could see it to see if she liked it. She would have to live with it for the rest of her life too, even if they weren't legally married yet, he felt that they were in their hearts.

                                                              "We'll take it," he said, looking to the price tag. It wasn't that bad really, and with the discount, it would be a steal really. He handed the ring back to the jeweler so he could polish it and take the price tag off. He came back out with it in a little, velvet box, and he looked to Yuffie, since she had all the money. He wasn't going to let her walk out on the old guy, not when he was already being so nice... and he'd helped Cloud and Tifa...

                                                              L o v e YuffieSTRIFEBut I'll be close behindSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEW e a p o n s Cerberus
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Escort Guard
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkA . S T R I F Eescort guard Revive :: Thunder | Fire :: All | Restore :: All
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEI t e m s Ribbon
                                                                    I'll follow you into the darkSTRIFEP a r t y Yuffie

                      User ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser ImageAphroditeUser Image

                      ASU n e m p l o y e d STRIFE G u n s l i n g e rAS
Former Arena Emperor

User Image

One thing I don't know why,It doesn't even matter how hard you try,Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme,To explain in due time,All I know,
Time is a valuable thing,Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings,Watch it count down to the end of the day,The clock ticks life away,It's so unreal,
Didn't look out below,Watch the time go right out the window,Trying to hold on, but didn't even know,Or wasted it all just to watch you go,
I kept everything inside,And even though I tried,it all fell apart,What it meant to me will eventually be,A memory of a time when..

User ImageUser Image

Feelings: Happy and in slight pain.
Origin: .hack//GU
Location:Hades with Jeane

User Image

Alkaid felt her body being lifted up only to hear a soft whisper in her ear, it was Jeane? The news she heard was pretty heavy and very dark. She tried to speak back to it but her vocal cords were far too weak right now to do so. Her sister, the one she loved and idolized was a cold blooded killer? She seemed just lay limp in the other woman's arms as she was carried, small tears falling from her eyes, for what reason was a true mystery.

Though before she knew it she was now at a hospital, her eyes trailing down to the wound as she saw the dress she picked out for Jeane stifling her wound. She used that to save her, it was kinda funny a joke turned out to save her life...part of her was sad she could not see Jeane in it though, she bet it was quite sexy.

The nurses took her in and started their magic on her, even a few herbalists and casters were there. She laid there as her body was being healed only for her eyes to snap open, "GAH!!!" She sat up or tried to as she screamed slightly in pain and fell back down. A man put his arm down over her sternum and assured her she was alright and that they were healing her. "Where....is...my..sister...?" The man didn't answer as she grew angrier. Only for her hand to grasp the man's forearm and she grinned a bit. "Whirlwind..."She suddenly spun and threw the nurse . She was worried that Jeane was going to leave her, no way was she going to allow that after she heard her idol was a killer...she had to see her before she had the chance to run away.

It was then Alkaid smirked as she pushed herself up and stumbled off the bed as she waved. "I got the rest...thanks for the heals by the way.." She then ran out the doorway holding her side as she did. As she ran she kept calling out , "Jeane!" It got louder with each time....she wanted to find her.

She stopped panting and sweating, forcing the pain to leave her expression as she saw the blond. "Hey Jeane! Don't you dare leave! " She said as she seemed to hobble over to the other woman, favoring her wounded side as she did. She then ran up to the woman and then grasped her shirt pulling Jeane close to her face. "Why...why in the hell....didn't you tell me!? Am I some sort of game to you?! Do you find my innocence cute huh?! I am a little girl god dammit! You are a killer!...what the hell is wrong with you!? " She yelled only to drop her head and started to laugh, her hand coming up to cover her face. "Bet you are used to hearing that huh....?" She looked up with a true smile and tears falling down her face as she spoke, emotion dripping from her tone as she talked. "Why....why...didn't you tell me sooner...? "

She then let go of the other woman's shirt and then hugged her close, burring her face into Jeane's shoulder. "I thought we were sisters....I know thats a really dark secret but....I dunno... this might be because I am a kid...but...you aren't a killer in my eyes... you did what you had to do....and I got a feeling you had a really hard time when you were my age huh...well Jeane...I still see you as my big sister....one I love and treasure...got that? Anyone tell ya different and I will kick their freaking a**....if you were a cold blooded killer...you would have killed me. But yeah...don't hide anything from me got it... I cry a lot on your shoulder...but encase ya didn't know...I got two shoulders spare for you to cry on...kinda nice huh? And they are just for you.~ " Alkaid wiggled her shoulders to show the other woman as she hissed in pain...alright that was a bad idea.

Alkaid then reached in her pouch and pulled out a small potion only to drink it, her wounds sealing up a little as she grinned. "So....lets...go sis...we got more girl time right...or you pissed at this town like me...?...and hey... I kinda am a killer too, I killed Haseo... " She admitted sheepishly, she would not allow Jeane to be the only killer, after all they just believed those were clones, what if they were real...she just killed a real human....she then pushed that to the back of her mind, this wasn't the time to reflect on herself...she wanted to make sure she would still have her big sister. "Oh...and... I love you Jeane..." She had to add that...after all it was quite true.

I tried so hard and got so far
But in the end it doesn't even matter
I had to fall to lose it all
But in the end it doesn't even matter

One thing, I don't know why
It doesn't even matter how hard you try
Keep that in mind I designed this rhyme
To remind myself how

I tried so hard
In spite of the way you were mocking me
Acting like I was part of your property
Remembering all the times you fought with me
I'm surprised

It got so far
Things aren't the way they were before
You wouldn't even recognize me anymore
Not that you knew me back then
But it all comes back to me in the end
AphroditeStrife's avatar

Shirtless Star

        User ImageUser ImageUser Image

                                                              A life you don't live is still lostSTRIFEL o c a t i o n ArcadiaSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                              STRIFES t a t u s Normal: CalmSTRIFESo stand on the edge with me

                                                              Terra nodded when Aqua helped him get what he might need for the beach. Though, while he was getting sandals he started thinking of how cute she was going to be in a swimsuit. He looked to try and get a glimpse of it on the hanger, wondering if it might be a one piece, or two... both would be cute in different ways, but the rather frustrated him was hoping for a one piece, only because it was hard on him seeing that much skin and not be able to touch her...

                                                              He just sighed a little and got what he needed, then he moved toward the cash register where Aqua was waiting. They rang everything up, and he handed over the five gold pieces and five silver, and he guessed they'd bought more then he thought, but beach equipment was expensive and they didn't have anything. The girl put everything in the bags, and he took them both, leading her out of the store.

                                                              "You know, I don't think I've ever just sat and played on a beach before... I've seen one... I think... maybe? Well, this should be fun."
                                                              He smiled a little, his belly doing a little, nervous flip for some reason. He wasn't sure why... maybe because they were going back to their very nice hotel room... and they didn't have to go anywhere now... they were where they wanted to be... He knew he shouldn't think such things, not when he told her that he'd give her whatever time she needed... he just needed to keep his brain on track.

                                                              When they got to the hotel, he opened the door for her and followed her to the room. She had the key, so he would just trail her until they got there, since he didn't mind being the pack mule for their stuff. He really just wanted to spend some quality time with her, anyway he could get it... even if his rather unruly body had other ideas at the moment. He could keep himself under control, at least he hoped so.

                                                              When they stepped into the room, it was beautiful, with a fireplace and a balcony overlooking the beach. He put the bags down in the living room, because there was one, and a hall that went to a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom beyond that. "Wow," he said, thinking the gold they spent was completely worth it, and they needed it for more then one day... they could always make more money right? He all of the sudden didn't want to leave right away, it was too beautiful... there was even a jacuzzi out on the balcony!

                                                              L o v e AquaSTRIFEHold back your fear and seeSTRIFE
                                                              ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀ ▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEW e a p o n s Darkgnaw keyblade
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEE q u i p m e n t Fission Firaga, Quake, Curaga
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEI t e m s Thundaga, Trinity Limit, Aqua's Wayfinder
                                                                              Nothing is real 'til it's goneSTRIFEP a r t y Aqua

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                      ASK e y b l a d e STRIFE W i e l d e r AS
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Fluff Bunny

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                                            xxxxO P E N I N G xxx F I L ExxxxUser Image
                                            User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx

                                            ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                            detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                            ▸▸▸ OPETTER // streets xxxxxxxxx
                                            xxxxxxx FINAL FANTASY XIII-2
                                            xxxxxxSᴇᴙᴀʜ Fᴀᴙᴙᴏᴎxxxxxxxxxx
                                                  I have people I .c.a.n. count on. I'll make it ( t h r o u g h ).
                                                  I have people I .c.a.n. count on. I'll make it ( t h r o u g h ).
                                                  I have people I .c.a.n. count on. I'll make it ( t h r o u g h ).

                                            Rei Kurosawa was quite surprised when Mog popped into Serah's arms, a stuffed teddy bear practically with bat wings, a crimson sphere floating above his head, and holding a clock wand. He didn't look particularly dangerous in Serah's opinion. In fact, he was pretty adorable. She'd be more surprised the moment that he turned into a bow sword for that looked far more complex and dangerous. However, if they compared her bowsword to the gunblade, the weapons were very similar in usage but the bow was slower but had more potential in terms of being able to lay poisons on the arrow and both being some sort of melee weapon of course. However, the gunblade looked about as efficient as Lightning did compare to Serah and the bowsword so the different imagery fit the two girls.

                                            Mog frowned or frowned as much as he could when Rei asked if it could talk or if it was friendly. "Kupo!" It was more the way he spoke the word indignantly that suggested more that he was frowning and unhappy. She raised her hand to cover his mouth to stop him from being unfriendly and prove her right. She looked at Rei, smiling and nodding, "Yes. He is friendly. He doesn't talk very much in front of strangers." She thought all Mog could say was 'kupo' initially. It took them quite a long time before Mog finally said anything to them, surprising both her and Noel that he could speak in fluid and coherent sentences, even explain to them things they did not understand. The moogle was more knowledgeable than they ever gave him credit for.

                                            Her eyes trailed to Henry, who commented on Mog as well. No doubt that he was taking note of the transformation process from moogle to weapon. She smiled a bit sheepishly as she raised her hands and described, "Sorry. I can't say I have much in the way of sleeves." It was a halter top with gloves... sleeveless. She knew he meant it figuratively, but she wanted to take his words literally just because he was being playful. She returned it very lightly with a show of her arms, releasing the moogle in the process. He huffed and flew behind Serah, settling in his usual spot, looking over her shoulder and keep watching for enemies. He would fly to her hand the moment any weapons were sensed.

                                            Serah could not help but laugh a little on the inside, thinking that some things had not changed or would not change. Mog would always garner the most attention in any situation because of his special qualities. He was a special moogle that knew about space and time. He could reveal paradoxes in the world, and of course he could change into a weapon that she could use. Of course, she could customize Mog to whatever knew model was out and would best fit. It was like changing his staff. It would change the sort of bowsword that he would change into when there was a battle. Often times, he appreciated the updates to his clock staff. She was not sure how it helped him in his daily life, but it may have simply been the idea of getting a new item that made anyone happy, even the mechanism or being of Mog-alive or robotic, he would still be her Mog. That wouldn't change.

                                            The pinkette did not need to say much in the way of explanation because Henry succinctly did it for them, explaining they were all in the same sort of unknown situation so none of them could explain much more than anyone else except that they had been in this situation a little longer. Otherwise, they were all pretty much in the dark. She gave a sheepish, apologetic smile to Rei because she understood the strangeness of the entire thing. After all, she was supposed to be going to fight Caius on the human front... And now she was here without a way to get back. She could only hope that things did not end up too badly if she was a little late... Perhaps there would be a way to get back. Until then, she would simply have to survive.

                                            With Snow's words, she understood he was right. Gathering information to learn about their situation. There was four of them so they could split up into pairs. Henry and Rei seemed mature, and she saw how powerful Henry's own sword was. She could support Snow better than she had in the past so it seemed right that she go with him as he split them up. She glanced at the two and added as she felt a tug at her hand with Snow leading her away in the opposite direction, toward the tower from before that she had pointed out, "Be careful." Then she turned back and caught up with Snow, trying not to slow them down with Mog flying over her shoulder additionally.

                                            She wondered briefly what was the hurry, but he was always running at an aggressive front pace so she wasn't really too surprised. They were a moderate distance away when he made his point about what she had told him. She had told him about Lightning and what happened, the memories she had seen and been able to keep because she had the mysterious ability to see the future not unlike Yeul. She mentioned Noel and Caius... What else was there to say? Most of the last bulk of time was teaching her students in New Bodhum, waiting for Lightning... waiting for Snow... looking for Lightning... finding bits and pieces of information about the paradoxes that Caius was causing in order to create a huge disaster that would open up a huge whole to let all the deaths of several souls through in order to flip everything into no time... at all...

                                            Serah pulled them to a halt and said, "I think I've told you all I could... There's more, but not much more than that... I've just been looking for Lightning, trying to find her like you've been trying to find her for me... I did find her... but we couldn't be together... at least not yet... not until the fight with Caius is over so we can set everything straight and bring it back the way it's supposed to be for everyone... So Lightning is there with us... so you don't have to leave... so Noel has a future to go back to... so people that don't have to die at Caius's hands..." At least, that was the plan... to try and save everyone and make things right... give a future to everyone.

                                                  xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ ROLE // MEDic
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // mostly full, but a bit tired
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // curious && earnest

                                                  xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ EQUIPMENT // izanami bowsword
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ USABLE ITEMS // 2 x potion, 2 x phoenix blood
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ KEY ITEMS // engagement necklace x 2, mog
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ CRYSTAL // none
                                            locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                            ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                            ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                            User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx
                                            xxxxL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
                                                    User Image

User Image

                                                  Rei seemed to bite her lip as Henry asked her what she was aiming for, well she was aiming to hurt the clones but it seemed her camera had no effect on them. She then smiled nervously as she decided to lie a bit. "Well actually...you caught me, I wanted the best picture possible. " It was better then revealing her very odd past, especially when she didn't want to do so. Even the thought of it caused her heart to wrench into a small ball and bleed a little. She lost Kei and even Miku, so where she was from she was truly alone...and she really needed Miku.

                                                  Her eyes fell to Serah as the small Mog seemed to say 'Kupo' again but the emotion behind it wasn't the same. She furrowed her brow a bit as a small frown appeared, wishing she would have handled that a bit better. Then again things popping out at her was kinda where she came from, sure they weren't this cute but still a weapon changing to a cute creature, she had a right to freak a little. "Oh I see... " She noticed that Serah was covering its mouth as she then lifted her hand and chuckled very softly."You two seem really close...I hope I can get Mog to trust me like he does you so I am not a stranger anymore... " That was Rei's attempt to quell the waters between her and the cute animal. Though she could feel her heart shine a little, she would squeal 'Kaiwaii' at Moogle if it was a few weeks before considering it was every Japanese girl's dream to have a cute and talking pet like him. But with all the emotional baggage she carried there really wasn't a chance of that happening.

                                                  "We will. " She spoke to Serah as the couple walked off. Rei could tell that Snow had a lot on his mind and that he wanted to talk to Serah alone so it made sense to why only he wanted to be around her. She then felt a slight chill around her heart as she wondered if the couple would ever come back, she had seen too many walk away... This was when she was glad that Henry spoke to her as her eyes went from the dull color to a more vibrant one as she shook her head a bit and looked to the odd sword wielding man. He spoke of having her pretty little head cut off as she then brought one of her hands up and rubbed her neck softly. Plus did he just give her a compliment? This caused her to be baffled for a moment as she then saw him attack another one of the clones causing her vocal cords to work. "I would like to. If you do not see me as a burden that is. If more of those things are around...I need to be around able fighter otherwise I am dead. " She said with a sheepish shrug, not wanting to sound weak but in the world of swords and guns...she kinda was.

                                                  She then looked around and sighed a bit. "So what sort of information do we need to find? Like a place to stay...or friends that might be here as well? Or just like Snow said and head south and hope for the best? " She asked as she then took one small step towards Henry as she tilted her head to the side. "Can I ask something personal... where did you get your accent from...no thats the wrong way to word that...where are you from? I already told you, I am Japanese. " This time she got a very faint smile, but it was obvious she doesn't do it much as her lip twitched a bit as if it was a unused muscle. Of course Snow also told her to look for a way home as she reached up and touched her shoulder a bit, wincing from a unseen wound. If she went back what would she have to gain from it...she would be back at square one where she lost it all and the curse she still had...wait...she still had it?! This caused her whole body to tense up a little as she didn't want the tattooed woman to come after her...but it felt like as if the curse wasn't getting worse. Did this world save her from it? She had so many questions inside her 'pretty head' that desired answers.

                                                  Location: Opetter with Henry
                                                  Feelings:Okay, but a little sad.

                                                  User Image
User Image
Garrus Vakarian
~Mass Effect 3

Why give up?
Why give in?

It’s not enough
It never is

If Turians had eyebrows, Garrus might have raised an eyebrow at T-ElO’s remark. For he wouldn’t describe himself as hopeful. He just didn’t think immediately going to the worst possible scenario was best. Not when Garrus didn’t see any proof that there wasn’t any way back. After all, as someone that had lead people before, the Turian couldn’t go in with blind optimism. He had lost that ability a long time ago. Yet, as he had seen many times before, going in with no hope at all literally crushed a person. For what reason did they have to fight when they were under the belief they were going to lose anyway? Not much from Garrus’s experience. “Hmmm….maybe. Don’t see anything wrong in being hopeful. Do you?” While his voice held teasing, he couldn’t help but express some curiosity. Something that would likely get his tongue bit off if possible.

Having to stop himself from tilting his head slightly when KOS-MOS seemed to confirm that T-ELOS wasn’t bluffing. The Turian quickly messing with his Omni-Tool to see if he could pick up these readings. It didn’t take long for the tool to pick up the fact that KOS-MOS did have some biological material in here. Same for T-ELOS. However, since the Omni-Tool didn’t have the exact biological material in its database, it couldn’t tell him that the biological material was the same. Something that would have confirmed what they were saying. Even if the fact he was picking up the biological material in KOS-MOS, when she claimed to have not been made from biological material, showed some validity to what they were saying. “I’m not sure how that is possible…But, I’ll take your word for it.” After all, if he and Legion could be from different times, this occurrence could be true as well.

Now, Legion seemed to have decided to correct T-ElOS. While he wasn’t sure if Geth ever actually needed to upgrade like a computer, he knew upgrades wouldn’t create information. In this case, information Legion was unable to find. Such things usually just made running software and other parts of technology easier and more efficient. It might seem to create new information sure. But, that was likely just the upgrades allowing them more access to knowledge than creating it. The Turian tilting his head slightly at the response T-ELOS gave back. Was she jealous that Legion and the other Geth didn’t need upgrades? He couldn’t exactly tell. However, the unconventional Turian couldn’t help but move his mouth into what appeared to be a smirk. “Seems she might be jealous.” Whispering that to Legion since he didn’t much care to have T-ELOS b***h at him at the moment.

The Turian only nodded to Legion’s reply to his statement. After all, what else was he supposed to say? Legion wasn’t someone that needed to be coddled and told he was a good boy. Even if saying that to a Geth would likely be horribly weird anyway! Then again, Garrus didn’t usually work with those types. For they were just a bit too annoying at times with how much they needed praise. But, if they were quite skilled, he might be able to ignore it. Just as long as they didn’t ask if they did good after every shot they took or every enemy they killed. The Turian could only take so much. Making him feel ever so grateful none of the people he had fought beside were like that. The two now following behind the two females. Garrus having no idea Legion was picking up enemies.

He didn’t even know the enemies were there until Legion had spoken up. But by that time, Garrus had already been shot by one of them. Good thing for Mass Effect fields as he noticed Legion had already taken cover. The Turian unable to keep himself from jesting about the situation. Unfortunately, that caused him to almost get shot by a more high powered shot. Though luckily, the snipers were such bad shots that the bullet had hit a part of the cover Legion was behind instead of himself or Legion. However, the fact it did blow up part of Legion’s cover into chunks only proved he needed to get behind cover. Not wanting to test his Mass Effect shields against that weapon. Soon joining Legion behind the same cover, since there wasn’t much cover to be had in this area. The Turian quickly figuring out the snipers were themselves!

Well, discolored ugly versions of themselves. Garrus quickly reloading the sniper rifle before firing again. This time taking his copies’ head clean off. Doing the equivalent of a smirk while hearing Legion say something about them being ineffective. An amusing idea starting to roam his head. “Hey Legion…” Stopping himself briefly when he noticed a Legion copy trying to flank them. About to hack into it when Legion seemed to jump to it. Watching as the Legion copy started firing at another Legion copy and another Garrus copy. How many clones did they have walking around here? Now noticing T-ELOS and KOS-MOS had copies of themselves they were facing. Though, unlike themselves, it appeared there was only one copy of each of them. Having no idea the KOS-MOS clone might be weaker than the current one. Thus making that copy not an exact clone.

But, what one didn’t know hopefully wouldn’t kill them as he found himself interrupted from his idea once again by T-ELOS. Aiming his sniper rifle quickly and shooting at his clone. Able to get another clean shot and end yet another ugly version of himself. “I think we can do just fine. Unless you wish to join in on the fun?” The Turian unable to really take this seriously since Legion’s and his copies were so easy to pick off. Which reminded him once more of the idea he wanted to bring up to Legion. Just to make this more fun if possible. “But anyway…want to make this more fun Legion?” Reloading his sniper rifle again and aiming it at another Garrus clone. This one trying to be a bit cockier and fire out in the open.

“Cause I say we make this into a contest…whoever kills the most copies wins, and the prize?” Shooting the cocky Garrus copy before he could fire at them. “The winner gets to say they are the best sniper in all of Nugascen.” What? He already proved he was the best sniper in the galaxy to Shepard! Having no idea his friend had been nice and had purposefully missed that one shot. But, only Shepard knew that. Poor poor Garrus. “While the loser has to admit that the other is better than them.” Admittedly, Garrus was thinking more from his perspective of what would be good consequences for winning and losing. For Turians were prideful, and Garrus still had that trait. Even with not fitting the typical Turian mold. Thus, in his mind, the prize and loss were perfect.

Though, that just meant Garrus really didn’t want to lose. Since he never did like being put into the position of admitting someone was better. Unless it was obvious, like when he first traveled with Shepard. The Turian liking to think he was now Shepard’s equal at least, and possibly even better in some areas. Like sniping. Garrus would likely not let go of that for a while as he quickly took note of what T-ELOS was doing. Taking note of just how brute she was in her killing of KOS-MOS’s clone. Reminding him somewhat of a Krogan, since Krogan’s weren’t exactly known for their kindness in battle. “Wouldn’t want to be that clone right now.” Saying that to himself as he fired at another one of his clones. Reloading quickly before aiming at another one. Wondering just how long this was going to last.

We’ve become desolate
It’s not enough

It never is

But I will go on
Until the end.

Where I can be found: Opetter Train Station with Legion, KOS-MOS, and T-ELOS
My heart lies with: No one
Weapons on my person: M-92 Mantis V(Sniper rifle) and M-76 Revenant VII(Assault rifle)
Tools on my person: OmniTool and Visor
Blade Havok's avatar

Fluff Bunny

User Image
                                            xxxxO P E N I N G xxx F I L ExxxxUser Image
                                            User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx

                                            ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                            detecting target ▸ ▸ ▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                            ▸▸▸ Opetter // streets xxxxxxxxx
                                            xxxxxxx XENOSAGA
                                                  Relinquish your pain -u-n-t-o- m e .
                                                  Relinquish your pain -u-n-t-o- m e .
                                                  Relinquish your pain -u-n-t-o- m e .

                                            The manner by which Legion spoke and thought was actually quite familiar to KOS-MOS. She was not sure if she could say it was endearing or nostalgic by any means, but it was one that she new that she could understand. Legion was very clear and efficient. He expressed himself without doubt, using numbers and probabilities to guide his decisions, which likely led him to his best interest in the end and also allowed KOS-MOS some ability to predict him. No, she was not saying that she knew what he would say or do by any means since she had no idea what his order of directives was, but she knew that he would be consistent and logical. Humans and beings of feeling were not as logical. Often, emotions confused her because they were usually not the best decision nor the right one according to the calculations of her inner computational network.

                                            KOS-MOS could at least respect Legion in this way, both as a fellow robotic being and also as someone that would never be clouded by irrational judgments to which now plagued her more quickly and easily than ever they had before. They allowed her to better understand Shion and the others but also T-ELOS and Garrus. They were not unfeeling. They were guided by desires and emotions to which the likes KOS-MOS had hardly even tasted except now when they flooded and integrated with her systems the moment Mary had awoken and then cementing it when she awoke fully with the union between herself and T-ELOS. And it was in that time that she found a consciousness, neither the computer nor Mary... but KOS-MOS...

                                            When she looked upon T-ELOS, she thought for the first time that that must have been something akin to compassion. She might never have considered any such possibility before, not even when her eyes flickered blue and Mary took possession of KOS-MOS's mechanical body to perform feats beyond which she was physically capable of... That was the ability of an emotional and feeling creature... The ability to grow and exceed one's initial perceptions and limitations... Such was the purpose of emotions, a tool to learn even if it was somewhat inefficient and oppositional to optimal. Emotions and free thoughts allowed a person to shape their own perceptions and learn... Grow in a way that wasn't simply changing or upgrading models and internal systems but without such things. Where did such an ability spring from?

                                            Looking upon Legion, she was reminded of those times in which she strove for the upgrade, always thinking about her personal capabilities and improvement if possible in order to remain optimal in the ability to process information, new suits of armor... better weapons that would do more or more accurate damage... give her more versatility as a fighter... be of more use to the human beings that created her... And to that end, she and T-ELOS were basically the same... yet it might have been the core biological material in T-ELOS's body that allowed he to grow even just a little bit more than KOS-MOS at the time that gave her significantly greater prowess because KOS-MOS lacked that ability... at least until her fourth version when something similar was emulated into her body and with the spirit, she unified with her other half.

                                            'A new me? I have changed, but I am physically and mentally similar to how you have always encountered my form. I... I think I would feel positively if you were honored by the trust. I've no reason to fight with you, only learn from you as you are than what is already with me for they... do not seem to be the same.' She tried to describe, not able to completely form the strange sensation of the knowledge, knowing that T-ELOS was apart of her system but also knowing that this T-ELOS before her, the body and persona of T-ELOS were actually very unique and lost once they joined together... a rare consciousness dominated and then dissipated, which she now considered a loss of precious life... T-ELOS's precious life.

                                            In their transmissions, she curtly nodded if there was any digital way to do so. 'That is understandable. Given our past history and combat data, which you and I primarily consist of in each other's databases, trust does not seem likely. However, I do mean my words. I trust you. I will not harm you. I will attempt to preserve your life as I can. I will not attempt to take your life away from you.' She described as broadly as she could, but taking care to also emphasize how important life was to her and how T-ELOS was now in her eyes... apart of the semblance of life... a unique entity, especially as one that understood her like no other... one that she was curious about... if curiosity was the correct expression.

                                            It was not a difficult task to divert a bit of energy to the transmissions to T-ELOS while she fought off a clone of T-ELOS. They were strangely colored like the white of her hair and significantly weaker than her indigo counter part not too far away from her at the moment. She dashed forward, her glowing blue-white blade out front as she crossed blades with the foreign T-ELOS that did not read like the T-ELOS beside her. The body masses were exactly the same and inverted somehow like a negative image or rather a Gnosis, but she knew that the Hilbert Effect would likely have no use in this case... She was not sure how it was even possible, but she knew that she could and would be able to damage it. It was confirmed when they touched briefly, and KOS-MOS blade cut through the fake T-ELOS's blade.

                                            The after image dashed back before it could take any more damage from KOS-MOS's weapon, which was like a hot knife cutting through butter. Instead, she transformed her blade into a canon to attack KOS-MOS at long distance. She held up her arms to try and divert the shots, not evading them in case stray shots hit other civilians but taking the damage minimal as she speedily approached to drive the blade through the after image's center. She jumped up and kicked the fake android to the side. The moment that was done, the after image faded into nothingness as if it was never there to begin with. There was no further reading on her scanners.

                                            She glanced up when Garrus spoke about a context to Legion. She wondered briefly if Legion, a computer would take it... Probably analyze the situation and give the statistical facts about the entire situation. That's what she would have done, not understood the "fun" of fighting and been quite literal. She understood now, but it was still a little more comforting to rely on the facts and analysis that one's inner computational network ran through to give a specific and definitive answer that felt reliable.

                                            In the mean time, she glanced at T-ELOS to ensure that she was doing well because she felt... what was that? A tinge of concern? Seeing that her fellow gynoid was fairly unharmed, she was better able to focus on the second fake T-ELOS rushing at her, seeing that she was one to take out all of T-ELOS's clones and T-ELOS would fight her clones. She breathed in and thought about how long it was taking to use her R-BLADE. Immediately, it became clear that it was more efficient to use something with a faster firing ability and more power in order to eliminate potential threats more quickly. The R-BLADE disappeared and her hand reappeared.

                                            Two chain guns appeared on either of her arms, joined at her back. She gripped them both comfortably in both her hands as she announced softly, "Preparing to increase necessary power output to 35%." She pulled the trigger comfortably and both arms and began to let out a trail of bullets, recoil eliminated as the guns rested against her arms and her body was made to be sturdier than most ships that soared in space. She could hold her ground and allow herself to spray bullets, her internal targeting system taking care of her how she held her arms and the aim at the tip of the gun that made sure she did not accidentally allow a stray bullet to destroy too much architecture or bystanders.

                                                  xxcurrent status ▸▸▸
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ HEALTH // full capacity
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ MENTAL // aware && prepared

                                                  xxfound objects ▸▸▸
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ WEAPON // none, F-GSHOT, F-SCYTHE, R-BLADE, R-CANON, TWS
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ EQUIPMENT // KWP-XX (W), KAP-VEL (A)
                                                  xxxxx▸▸▸ INVENTORY // Med Kit M (3x), Revive M (2x), Cleanser (2x)
                                            locating vulnerability ▸▸▸ xxxxxxxxx
                                            ▸▸▸ ERROR DISCOVEREDxxxxxxxxx

                                            ║█ ║│█│║│███│║│██│║█│║█║│██║║││║│║█║║│ ║██││║█║│█│║││█

                                            User ImagexxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Imagexxx
                                            xxxxL O A D I N G xxx C O M P L E T E !
User Image
ϓuri Ѵoltϵ Ңүuɠa(Shadow Hearts 2)

~ The God-Slayer

I know that
I'm not perfect.

But I keep trying

That's what I said I would
from the start

Yuri kept chuckling, unable to get himself to stop. “Oh really? Then why is she calling you master if you aren’t her master? She want ya in that way or something?” The God-Slayer having no idea he might have hit on the nail. At least, sort of. As Yuri now moved to get his revenge on Travis. Laughing some when he heard what Travis said. “Oh really now? I would love to see you try.” It would be amusing to see what Travis would try to do to get back at him anyway. Now watching something that was puzzling, yet not. For Yuri had seen many strange things in his life. It was just slightly shocking that someone so skittish was actually a demon! Watching now as Vincent disappeared. “What the hell is anime?” However, before Yuri could move further, he felt Travis elbow him. Causing him to look at X.

What the hell was X doing? He was acting like Vincent had killed himself or something! When by the way Vincent had talked, it sounded like he was going back to where he belonged, or just going somewhere. Where, Yuri wasn’t sure he wanted to know. Neither the less, he had a similar expression to Travis’s as the two watched the odd display. His fingers scratching the side of his head. Hearing Travis’s comment and unable to keep himself from adding his own. “Yeah…there’s plenty of guys to do that kind of stuff with I’m sure.” Like Joachim for example. But ugh! He wouldn’t wish anyone on him! That guy was way too weird! “Besides….don’t think you should be doing that anyway. Makes ya look all weird and s**t. So how about you take your lover issues out on the clones instead of the ground, alright?”

But now, Yuri was focused on his own clone again. Having no idea Travis’s clone was coming at him until X started to attack him. A bit grateful for the help as Yuri quickly took out his copy. Well, more like he made his copy unconscious until the others could be taken care of. The God-Slayer soon moving towards Alice right about when the woman started getting on her. Just not understanding what Alice could have done to get the woman to be so mean! Unfortunately, that caused him to get annoyed at the stranger that still kept calling Travis master. Thus, his mouth ran on him. However, Yuri wouldn’t regret it. For he was defending Alice’s honor, and if that got him bitched at? So be it! As long as the woman knew he wasn’t going to stand by and let her do that, Yuri was fine.

Though really? He could either come back at her with a “******** you”, or joke about how he didn’t much care to ******** himself. But, Yuri just found himself placing his hand on his hips and shrugging a little. “Alright. You can just get help from your “master” then.” Oh Yuri wasn’t going to drop that anytime soon. No matter what Travis said about not being her master. For Travis had every reason to lie about being in such kinky stuff. After all, most people didn’t just speak about their kinks for a reason. Even if his crudeness would likely make him give two shits about talking about what he did and didn’t do in the bedroom. Though, for Alice’s sake, if they ever went that far, he might restrain himself. Emphasis on might. Since knowing Yuri’s teasing tongue, it would come out eventually. Poor Alice.

The God-Slayer looked over at Alice now when he felt a hand over his. A bit of annoyance still on his face as Alice spoke. It was not that he didn’t believe Alice. He just didn’t find himself believing that a random b***h insulting her was just nothing. However, for the sake of not getting his arm chopped off by the woman’s blades, Yuri decided to keep his mouth shut. But, if the woman decided to insult Alice again, the God-Slayer wouldn’t be so nice. After all, while he didn’t want any parts of him lost, he was more doing this for Alice. Unfortunately, her influence could only go so far before Yuri decided to take matters into his own hands. “If you say so. But, she better not try anything…” Mumbling that last part to himself since he didn’t want the woman to catch that.

Yuri found himself feeling the need to jest about what happened earlier with him and Alice’s clone now. Maybe because he needed to get his mind off what he would likely have to do, or just because he could. Either way, he smiled faintly when Alice seemed to gain a bit of amusement. Listening to her and nodding a little. “I know. It would be a bit odd if you did that, even if it would be kind of funny.” Soon feeling his hand squeezed a little. Causing him to blink a little as he looked at her. How did she know he likely needed that assurance? Had she seen him go easy on her clone? That could have been possible. But, that possibly made him feel slightly embarrassed. Finding himself smiling faintly at her again. “Alight….I’ll remember that….Just hope you don’t mind what I do to her.”

Whether or not he was teasing Alice, or just making sure she was truly alright with it was unknown. His voice nor his expression giving that away. But, while he needed to defeat Alice’s clone, Yuri noticed his own clone getting back up. Admittedly, that was not surprising considering Yuri himself wasn’t exactly easy to take down. Thus, if his clone was like him, the God-Slayer knew he would need a lot more punches and kicks in order to be killed like the others had been. The only thing Yuri could hope for was that his clone didn’t have the ability to fuse like he did. Otherwise, taking out his copy might be a huge b***h. Not only for him, but for everyone else. Especially if his copy decided to fuse into one of his more powerful fusions forms. Just thinking about it was annoying!

Yuri feeling himself held in place now. Well, more coaxed to stay since if he wanted to, he could have shoved the light grip off him. But, not like he would ever shove Alice away. Especially after having gone through losing her. Causing him to stand still as his ruby hues watched her open her bible. Wondering which spell she was casting since her chant never gave away to her spells right away. Likely a good thing since that meant no one could tell if she was healing or attacking. Even if her more powerful attack was likely very obvious considering all that went into it. Soon feeling and noticing the Light element added to his fists. Having not thought about asking Alice for an element advantage against his clone. But, was grateful for it neither the less.

About to move forward now when he heard Alice say something. A bit of a grin appearing on his face. “Don’t I always?” At least, Yuri tried to, and they both knew he hadn’t always been good at keeping that promise. But, it was the thought that counted right? Though, before Yuri could actually head over towards his copy, who seemed to be just standing there, his hand suddenly found itself over his mouth. Barely holding back the laughter as the Alice clone had shown herself. Hitting Travis with her bible as laughter started coming out of him now. Unable to hold it back anymore. “Do I…have to? This is….too funny…” Speaking through his laughter as Travis seemed to focus his attention back on the woman named Shinobu? She was Japanese? Oh great! Why did he have to have something in common with the b***h?

Luckily, Travis got Yuri distracted from Shinobu and her now quest to kill Alice’s copy. Leaving his own copy alone for now since he still just seemed to be standing there still! There was something wrong with that. His gut telling him he should knock him out again before his copy tried something. But, there was no time to lose so to speak. Thus, Yuri ran after Travis. Leaving just in time not to hear X ask Alice if he could take Alice’s clone. Something that would have likely annoyed him since he could take her on! He just had issues at first! But, Yuri would have been able to take care of her now if need be! However, Yuri hoped Shinobu would be able to take care of her since that would leave one less clone. The two in position now and Travis climbing his back.

Having to hold back a grunt at Travis using his head as leverage. Though, that didn’t stop himself from frowning a little. Waiting until Travis was safely on the roof before moving back. “Do you need me to come up there and help?” However, before Yuri could hear an answer, he heard an all too familiar noise. The sounds of someone groaning in agony as he….Oh….s**t…“Travis, you better take care of that X copy quickly! I think my copy is about to play a wild card.” What Yuri didn’t realize was that his copy had been angered by Shinobu killing Alice’s copy. Thus, in a fit of anger, his copy transformed into the first monster it could think of. Luckily, as the God-Slayer turned around and noticed the light around his copy was gone, the fusion he chose was not too powerful But, this fusion was still a b***h.

For while the monster was darkness related, making his light enhanced fists quite capable of giving it extra a** whopping, it wouldn’t be easy getting near it. Especially when it had a long range attack that was similar to X’s copy’s, and had the ability to fly. The monster’s mouth opening as light charged in its mouth. The attack seeming to be aimed at Shinobu. “Hey! Over here!” Picking up a rock and throwing it at his copy. The rock hitting its’ head and causing his copy to look at him. Smirking a little as he gestured towards himself. “Bet you’re too weak to take me on. After all, I did kick your a** so easily just a little bit ago.” That seeming to catch his copy’s attention. Causing him to have to dodge the charged attack. Soon running towards his copy and shoving into him.

Knocking over the creature and starting to punch it in the face. However, he could feel claws digging into the side of his face now. The force of the punch knocking him over to the side. The God-Slayer quickly standing up as fast as he could. His copy standing back up right when Yuri was. Watching as his copy moved back. Noticing it was preparing to get into a stance. Ignoring the stinging and the blood moving down his cheek the best he could. Since he couldn’t let this fusion anywhere near the others. “That all you got? That’s nothing!” The God-Slayer dodging to the right to try and punch the charging fusion. Yet, he found himself having to dodge to avoid a swipe from the blade like appendage on the fusion’s arm. Looks like this wasn’t going to be easy at all.

I'm not alive
if I'm lonely

So please, don't leave

Was it something I said,
or just my personality?

Where I can be found: Outside of Zion Inn with Alice, Travis, X, and Shinobu
Love: Alice Elliot
My weapon of choice: None at the moment since fists and feet don't seem to count as weapons.
My Appearance: Human, Fusion Form - N/A

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