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"YOu think you can take on a Captain? Bring it on demon scum!" Digi growled, narrowing her eyes. "Demons think that they're hot just because they have a ******** tail...."
Turning about, giving Digi a 'seriously' look as he thumbed down towards his hind quarters apparently lacking a tail. "I don't got a tail so I don't know where you're getting off of that, but in any case, let me tell you from past experience, tail ******** is really no fun at all." Valerios stated, obviously trying to look smart after his past blunder he turned about to face Digi once more. "Hell, Torran's pissed already, why not!?" Valerios said, dusting his hands off on his legs before dropping into a low stance, his feet spread wide apart and his head bowed forward, his right fist clenched upon the ground as he slowly brought his inhumane glare to bare. The air suddenly was tight, as if it pressed down with a weight all its own upon those immediately around the demon. When Valerios spoke next, his voice was slightly echoed a trait found most commonly in Hollow. "Captain huh? What a load of bull, a haori doesn't make you all mighty and just 'cause you can play with water a little doesn't mean you can use it... see, a Demon's power is their essence and for fair warning, my essence is fire, so what good will your water do you if I drive it away?" Valerios questioned, the air spiking in temperature. The change was so sudden and so violent, most anything already dry combusted instantaneously, any friction at all would spark a flame in the dry air within five feet, a notable distance from Digi, though a 'look' at his blood a passing glance now at best would show that while it had essentially thickened, the water completely draining out of his system had left Valerios motionless, but in his stance he could only smile, not needing to move as his blood dried up the ashes condensed once more, superheated and formed magma pumping through his heart and arteries, for a human the feat would have been impossible, but for Valerios...

"No longer even slightly human in appearance, Valerios' dark skin tone had taken on a hellish red glow his eyes no longer reflecting outside light but rather brilliantly showing off their own as his grin widened upon his cracked and dry lips, his skin catching fire from place to place and the smell of burning flesh filling the nostrils of anyone downwind of the Demon. "Do you want to know, Shinigami... why you will lose?" Valerios asked, the air around him trembling as the parched ground formed an ever-increasing circle around him as his influence in the area spread.
((I will not fight you. It is physically impossible for ANY BEING to fight without any sort of water within their body. their muscles would shrivil and besides, Magma is also a physical impossibility for a type of blood. because of the temperature, it would melt you from the inside out. If you have normal mucsle tissue and skin, you die instantly. If your body changes to a rocky skin you MIGHT survive. Thank you for playing and have a good night.
The pale hand drew back to her chest, Belial shook head head in earnest dismay, the smile still etched upon her face like an indelible grin. But Vincent knew better; a tiny displeasure had set off a series of irate emotions boiling in the Doombringer's skull.

"Hellspawn." Vincent whispered, confirming the Doombringer's earnest disapproval.

"What was it Asmodeus said? Demon in the pocket, might as well--"

He cut himself off, the crude little ditty cut bled dry as Belial intervened.

"...they seem to come aplenty; nowadays..."

"...of all types...


The tiny little man droned on and on. In the interim, Belial had by then already turned Nightmare's reins around and was trotting off. Vincent spat out his cigar.

"Bugger." He snarled, and followed suit, knowing that the steps were only symbolic, and they were soon to be continents away in the next few minutes.

[Edit: Digi, be fair. You witnessed Jade not moments ago; a being of otherworldly construct; made of a different skeleton. You have Torran, whose presence burns trees into cinders.

Is it really so far-fetched to understand an entity that has tissue that sustains magma? Even if that is the case, you can't fault Valerios, whether he is aware or not, but his ability to contain magma opens up six [yes, count em, six] major scientific weaknesses, and not one of them is him burning himself. So I know it may seem daunting now, but upon analysis, it isn't as difficult as you may think.

Besides, I don't see anything in the rules against a 2v1, and seeing as I didn't come here to fight, I'd be willing to pledge help to your character.]
Changed your mind huh?" Disappointed, Valerios straightened, his physique unable to conform back to its original state without quite a bit of elemental work, Valerios' skin continued to form distorted images around his being as his hands swept back and fell limply at his sides, he chose though to remain, figuring that if nothing else Torran would attack him for threatening one of his members, that would at least entertain him for a while. Offering a shrug at Digi and letting her decide to do whatever it was she wanted to do, Valerios core temperature dropped ever so slowly his outside skin, dry and broken now like the surface of desert would mend, the process still wasn't fast enough to be seen by the human eye as he waited for either an opponent to shoot down in the wait for Torran to finish up, though given the circumstances of his now two-time would-be-opponent, Valerios figured that what defenders Steele did have would probably mop up the two or three attackers if that many were present in fairly short order any way.

So, content for the moment to just sit and watch, Valerios scratched at his body uncomfortably, the dryness of his skin none-too-pleasant.

((It's physically impossible for people to use elements too. [Edit] Yay, 2 on 1!))
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((Val, did you defend against the airborne pathogen in the area? If not, the moment you kicked up the temperature the Units in your character's bloodstream, which are invisible to most immune systems as they are literally my character actively blending into the body, would immediately attack the brain and create massive cerebral hemorrhaging. Jade. Doesn't. Like. Heat.))
[Learned that mistake the hard way. Those bloody spiders, I swear to God...]
((Val, did you defend against the airborne pathogen in the area? If not, the moment you kicked up the temperature the Units in your character's bloodstream, which are invisible to most immune systems as they are literally my character actively blending into the body, would immediately attack the brain and create massive cerebral hemorrhaging. Jade. Doesn't. Like. Heat.))
((Lol, I didn't even know it was there. Really should learn to figure out where and when people post, god it's annoying to read like eight pages of nothing to find a relevant post.

Oh well, that means I'm proper ******** huh? If the little buggers are in my bloodstream and my bloodstream is technically liquid magma... would that still apply? I guess probably since my character didn't go volcano until after the heatwave began, so I guess no 2 on 1. crying I really want to fight, oh well. Rules are rules.))

((LOL! I should be exempt not because my post is the 666th post in this thread. cool )
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((If you like I can merely induce unconsciousness instead of serious bodily harm under the justification that Jade has more attention following Gelgel.))
((I don't get a discount for being the 666th poster!? 666 Oh well, unconsciousness is lame, I mean they're you're evil little biobots so I won't say what they do, but I think I'd almost prefer death to unconsciousness since the former leaves me room to post whereas a lack-of-consciousness doesn't so much.))
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[In all logic, since Val is a demon, his body can withstand whatever he wants it to. His source of life isn't a heart of human making, as per the author's design. And seeing that he has magma running though his veins, I'd say Tac's little micro-organisms would've been melted and dead, unable to cause anything.

My two cents, anyways]]

Hayden, still not as close as he wanted to be, heard the huge ruckus coming from the Steele Mansion. He shook his head slowly, gripping the bridge of his nose with his index finger and thumb while shaking his head slowly. He was trying his best not to be really pissed off.

"'Oh, Hayden, go and find this maniacal warlord and try and make a deal with him,'. Thats some bullshit right there. I might as well ********' leave, this place doesn't seem to be visitor friendly."

It was true, Hayden wanted to leave. Not from fear, but from basic survival instinct. Would you walk up to a nuke and kick it? Neither would Hayden. But something in his system refused to let him go. A slight pounding in his head for some reason compelled him onwards. So damn annoying.
Mesa was forced to laugh this time, eying the man/beast standing before him now, his interest peaked. His general sensory presumed quite a bit of energy from this man, and his threat only added to the thrill of the would-be combat. His saiyan pride got the best of him, a fire building inside at the thought of battle. His energy raged now, cascading up his body from the floor as though white flame engulfed his body. Kinetic energy spanned out all about them, small synapses firing off his aura and disrupting the ground and air within the near vicinity. He would but fold his arms before the mighty Steele, "show me."
In an extended pulse of her auxiliary scans allowed her to track the spatial anomaly that was Torran Steele. His distance from the source had made it difficult to track him, as though his spatial temporal signature was being blocked by some outside interference. Once the scans picked up his signature, Arc veered sharply to the right, now just beginning to fly over the forest near the mansion. Her dual core system regulated the slight changes in the gravitron matrix allowing her to gain both speed and momentum. Crystalline optics surveyed the expanse for miles ahead, as she neared within the scope of her other scans general range she sensed others as well. A small vent on her lower back would open slightly, as she began to draw in natural energies, along with air and moisture molecules. Her internal mana filter slowly converted these raw materials into usable mana which was stored within the secondary core.

Protocol designated a full systems check as she neared a possibly hostile environment. A.R.E.S., and S.D.T. systems online and functioning. Primary core at optimal level output, secondary mana storage and energy regulation systems online and functioning optimally. On-board weaponry, charging... ... ... Chemical lasers 75%, Particle Beam 80%, PC 90%, Flash emitters 100%, HFBs resonation systems online.

As she neared, her primary scans, detecting thermo-dynamics and geo-thermic signatures along with a full lay out and 3-D map of the up and coming environment. Motion sensors hummed to life within her audible sensors relaying a pulse of sound consistently about the area ahead and recording the response times. Visibly her nanite skin was already adapting to the light and surroundings. She would appear human, a tall dark girl with blue eyes, and an apparently emotionless face. She landed about 20 feet from Torran and Mesa, noting the visual manifestation of energy about Mesa she'd scan to identify.
((Wow.. reading all that made my head hurt. Anyway, so my Magma thing is unsupported. What about the Water? Not one person has adressed that. Anyone objecting to the fact that his muscles would shrivel up and make him a jello pile?))
((Being that he is a demon with an essence of fire, I'd think normal biological rules go out the window. Depriving someone completely of water wouldn't "cause their muscles to shrivel up", it'd pretty much cause them to crumble into dust or something, because the majority of every single cell in the human body is made up of water. Thing is, he's not human. If he doesn't need to drink water to live, either because of immortality or because there's no biological necessity, then either he's probably not made up of water in the first place or there's a magical effect replenishing or replacing the water to preserve his life, and thus either way drying him out completely would be uncomfortable but not necessarily incapacitating. That's an in-universe evaluation of the stuff, though. From an RP perspective, mentally messing with someone's blood at will in a way that is impossible to block or dodge, with no warning posts and no countermeasures short of having the same powers or a magic negation ability, is a SERIOUS no-no and it's really telling of the quality of RP these days that no one's called you on it yet. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at that, given that this is the Steele Syndicate.

Tac, I'll continue the RP between us probably at the Blight thread in a couple of days, got a big group presentation tomorrow and a convention to staff this weekend (as my sig suggests), so I definitely can't do any RP till tomorrow night and I might not have much spare time during the weekend.))
((Ah. I apologize. That is an error that i will fix in future posts. I guess we'll just have to wait on him to post though...))

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