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(( Time Warp: One day later...))

We spent a night at an old mansion right on the borders of the RougePort Docks. We had sleeping bags, and by some warped coincidence, Stars bag was destroyed, so she and Cross shared one. Funny, I thought. They bicker like a married couple.
I laughed, which was enough to wake Star. Sighing, I started to pull out breakfast sandwiches that we got from a border restuarant. I unwrapped one and ate away, staring at Star.
(( Oh, Ha.... very funny.... ¬¬ ))
I looked at Miress who was laughing silently. I couldn't sleep at all, I was terrafied the whole time being so close to Cross... Which I knew that Miress was enjoying my torture of this. "What's so funny?" I asked slowly getting out of the sleeping bag , 'accidentaly' kicking Cross. She was looking at me while she ate and I felt emberassed a bit. "What?" I asked looking around.
((You know you LOVED it, girl! XD ))

I looked at her and laughed a bit more.
"Not for nothing, but, I think you two have a thing for each other." I laughed and tossed a sandwich at her.
"Eat up. At noon were headed southbound, no stopping."
(( Nooooooooooo!!!! DX ))
I caught the sandwich and looked at her in disbelief. "You're kidding right?! He almost tried to kill me! " I unwrapped it and took a small bite. "Honestly, I don't see a reason why you're saying that!"
(( XD ))

I still looked at her while I ate, apparently unnerving her.
She probably knew that I was testing her mind.
"Well....maybe not." I chuckled. "Why? Is it really that bad to like Cross?"
(( ¬¬ ))

I looked at the floor and took another bite. How can she be telling me something like this?! Liking Cross?! That's just... That's.... unreasonable! I looked at her and sighed. "There's no bad reason for not liking Cross. But seriously, I don't see anything ever happening between me and him." And I was certain of it!!
(( What? I'm CRACKING up here. XD ))

I looked with furiosity into her eyes to see if she confirmed my fears. It was a trick used by the Alxian Emrates to glare into an enemies eyes to tell what army they belonged to. Any high ranking Dark Hearts eyes were black speckled with gold.
Fortunately, I didn't have to kill her...yet.
I smiled.
"Anyway....what brings you into this war? You seem like an innocent bstander."
(( oh ha ha! ))

I looked at her and gave a small shrug. "Well, I though that I was here for a certain reason... but now I'm thinking that I was just being used." I remembered what the High Superiour Dark Heart told me in my head a day before we got here. He didn't care if I was killed. So why was it worth to even sacrafice myself for the likes of him? I looked out the window not wanting to face her.
As I was about to respond, an very small rumble at the base of the building caught my breath.
"Did you feel that?" I asked Star. For some reason, I grabbed Ghear and stood.
I looked at her and stood up. Any one could've felt that rumble. I looked at the two who were sleeping in the sleeping bags. "Should we wake them up? Or just check it out our selves?" I asked looking at her back as she carried Ghear.
I looked around. The rumbles didn't stop, so I looked over at the nearest door to see what was going on.
"Leave them; they're safe, for now." I motioned for her to come downstairs with me into the cellar. It was pitch black in the cellar room, so I had to stay up.
"Dont you have enhanced senses, Star? You are part...animal." I stated.
I looked at the dark cellar and laugh as she asked me the question. "Mmm, I can kinda see. But not that well." My tail swished around and my ears twitched slightly.
(( I'm going to bed soon, Star. :/ It's four in the morning here.))

As Star tried to investigate further, I tried to find a light switch. There was one placed next to the door. But before I could get to it, the door shut and the cellar went black.
That is, until a little flame, outlined white and colored a glittery shade of black formed. As our eyes fell upon it, it started to spin, slow at first, then fast to form a white circle. Out of that circle came a huge arm...a huge head....a huge torso....another huge arm...and two gigantic legs. Light reflected off of its white outline as it screamed a hideous scream... My ears bled, so I felt bad for Star, whose ears were much more sensative than mine. I pulled Ghear out of its seath and ran up to the beast four times my size. I was thrown into a craddle of whiskey bottles.
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I woke up as I heard the scream. For some reason, my head was hurt (-.- Star!) and Ghear was missing. The loud scream came from the basement. I looked over at Aurellum and tried to wake him, but failed. I hit the ground and ran towards the cellar door. When I touched it, however, I was electrified. I hit the ground with a thud. Oh how I HATE to be electrocuted (-.- Sirix!), I thought. A loud rumble came from the cellar, and before I knew it, the source of the screams from downstairs grew to ground height. And with this, a very disturbing find caught my attention. Miress was held tightly in its left palm, and Star was dangling from its mouth. The beast looked at me with its glowing, red eyes as he prepared to strike, Miress in hand, Star in mouth, when Ghear found its way back to me. Oh, how I LOVE this blade...
I slashed at its face first to try and release Star, opening up a gash that bled black ichor. It snarled and spat Star at me, knocking me into the nearest wall. I toppled Star's unconscious body off of me (XD) and ran up to its face again, this time nearly getting scorched by black flames. I ran around and cut into his hand, ichor splutring out with contact.
Dont worry, Miress...I'm coming...

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