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Pierced Vegan

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Because there was one last time. smile
I hope so!!!! The should have one, or a little recipe to alchemize something heart
let me know if anyone finds anything, I'll be back if I find one wahmbulance
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Lonely Muse

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I would really like to see one. cat_mrgreen Feelin Green.
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Brainy Hero

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I feel bad for anyone who's born today... they'll never have a normal birthday.
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Wheezing Codger

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They'd only make it something lame if it were readily accessible to people like me who don't blow $20 to $50 a month in this site. So I hardly care.
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Sparkling Reveler

Would be nice, but seeing as this entire forum only Just showed up, already half way through the day, I doubt they will.
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Invisible Cat

maybe I'll guess we;ll see
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Beloved Bloodsucker

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maybe they still will give us a leap year item...it would be nice
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Wheezing Smoker

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I would love a leap day item as I missed the previous one. biggrin
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Dangerous Hunter

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Hmm, leap day item would be cool.
I hope. I still remember the last item. I hope it's not alchemy or I'll flip a desk.
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Lady Wolf

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What was the item last time? I obviously missed it.
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Ruthless Vampire

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What was the item last time? I obviously missed it.

It was a cute Leap Year Frog item in 2008.

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