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Zombie Elixir
I secrely want to propose to my boyfriend of 5 years...But I'm nervous to. sweatdrop

Do it! Nervous means you're doing it right! biggrin
lol nope unfortunately
no item? emotion_8c
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Sparkly Businessman

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I don't know. I do remember that Frog Suit a while back.

Finally someone else wearing the item! smile
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Destructive Glitch

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I won't even lie, the hope of getting a free item was the only reason I even bothered logging in today...
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I hope so. I'm hoping it's not alchemy; I don't need any scavenger hunts.
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Codebreaking Explorer

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Apparently there's no item. emo
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Magical Werewolf

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no item? emotion_8c
I hope not xp
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Maybe it'll come up tomorrow?
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Kawaii Donator

The Items is in Lanzer's Thread. Make a post in there and you get the Gregory The Frog.
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Haven't seen one yet but I want one : D
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Aged Sex Symbol

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I would love a leap day item as I missed the previous one. biggrin

You can prlly get one dirt cheap in a couple of weeks.
Starzel's avatar

Swashbuckling Nerd

Yep, I really like my frog so I hope there's another.
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Magical Pumpkin

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  • Hotblooded Hero 50
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Sparkly Citizen

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There is suppose to be a very cute item this year.

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