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Beloved Foe

    omg I want the item.
    So cute. emotion_kirakira
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Wild-Haired Hellraiser

The item should automatically show up in your inventory, in case any of you were wondering. At least once you post in Lanzer's thread I think, or perhaps in the forum itself. I'm unsure which.
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Wes Von Helson
What was the item last time? I obviously missed it.

It was a cute Leap Year Frog item in 2008.
i found that in my inventory...i was wondering where it had come from...... sweatdrop
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I love this year's leap item! Do want whee
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If not well have to wait another 4years >.>
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What does a frog have to do with Feb 29?
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Original Lunatic

Here froggy froggy frog.

Get into my inventory so I can wear you!

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Original Lunatic

I has a furg mrgreen
What was the previous leap item that a few of you mentioned? ninja
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Malevolent Tycoon

I would love a leap day item as I missed the previous one. biggrin

It was a ****** froggy suit; it was lame, u missed nothing.
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Malevolent Tycoon

What does a frog have to do with Feb 29?

It......hops....... sweatdrop
Ahahaa, well now you know. 8D
The frog's adorable, too bad I never use green. OTL
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Bobrechaun Productions
Because there was one last time. smile

If you post on the first thread made by a gaia moderator You get a frog on your head.
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Rainbow Unicorn

Zombie Elixir
I secrely want to propose to my boyfriend of 5 years...But I'm nervous to. sweatdrop

Do it! Nervous means you're doing it right! biggrin

Really? Aaww redface

I had tried to, but my boyfriend said he wanted to propose to me, "the old fashioned way". His words, not mine! lol

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