Murder At Mystery Manor: Win 1 Billion Gold!

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Welcome to my little murder mystery game where one winner will win 1 billion gold.

How to play:

Place all characters in their correct rooms as well as linking the missing guest as the victim. Victims will not count as a person who can occupy a room. After you've figured out the answer, send me a PM and I'll tell you if you're right or wrong.

And if you're wrong, just try again!

First one to get it right, gets the gold!




The Guests
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The Mansion
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The Clues

E. Timmy was in the room above Moira.

Jet & Cygnus didn't like being in a kids room.

No one was above the the 3rd floor.

M. Loyal was enjoying a good book.

E. Bunny and Brennivin were on the same floor.

Rina tried to impress her favorite movie star in a hallway.

The Conservatory has a body in it.

Radio Jack was in a room next to the one Ron Bruise was in.

Dr. Singh decided to get ready for dinner.

Moira was in the Western-most room.

Most of the rooms were occupied by two people.

Brennivin knew his two other cohorts were on either side of where he was.

No one knew that Meredith was alone in the room West of Liam.

Stein was at the opposite end of Singh's location.

Gino is not on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd floors.

The missing guest was last seen on the first floor.

Josie and Rufus had two floors between them.

The kitchen had a human and an animal in it.

Liam & company were doing push-ups outside of two rooms.

Edmund surprised his guest when he spoke French.

Digiorno Lee did not do it.