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Kevin glared up at his father then fixed his hair. "I was getting ready to toast you in there," he said, still clearly irritated. After he cooled himself down, he snatched his homework from his father then completed it right there.
"You would have roasted whoever was in your line of fire. But right now is the age that you need to learn to control yourself. That's why I do, what I do. I hope you know that I do love you, son," Barbas said before going back into the classroom.
Kevin soon calmed down at Barbas's words and watched him go back into the classroom. Kevin slowly stood up and went back into the classroom. He sat down in his seat and tucked away his homework.
"I want to see you two after school," Barbas said to his son and nephew. "No, you're not in trouble before you ask," he said.
The cousins nodded then Samuel looked at Kevin. "Your hair is poofing a little," he said then smirked a bit at the expression on Kevin's face. "Shut up," he said as he fixed his hair.
The bell rang and Samantha and Chloe went to art class. Samantha saw Jaden wasn't in there yet and wondered where her uncle was.
Kevin and Samuel walked to English class. They both smiled when they saw the message on the board from Sammie then sat down in their seats only to pull out thier homework.

- - -

Jaden was out in the hall, breaking up a fight. He certainly was glad he wasn't human anymore, and that he also had more control over his blood lust. He held back the bigger of the two boys until the dean got there. Once everything was said and done, he went back to the classroom door to watch the halls.

He no longer had that lip piercing that he used to have 16 years ago. Also, he too cut his hair, so people could actually see his face; though, it was still a bit long. He closed his green eyes after a while and shook his head. He absolutely hated hall duty.

When the bell rang, he entered his classroom and did the roll quickly. He then gave the class their assignment before sitting at his desk and drawing in a sketchbook.
Samantha started on her assignment and looked at her uncle. She got up and keeled on the floor with her arms crossed on his desk. "Uncle Jay, you should come over for dinner. Or you should just come over," she said quietly.
Jaden looked up from his drawing and smiled a bit at Samantha. "I thought you were going to the movies with Chloe," he said, setting the sketchbook down. "Did something happen?"
"Nothing happened, we're going after dinner. Sam and Kev might go with us too. I just thought it would be nice to have dinner and let Mom see you. It's been awhile since you and her have seen each other," Samantha said looking down at the desk. "And I wanna make it up to her for what I said this morning and I was thinking if she saw you it would make her happy," she finished with a slightly sad tone.
Jaden smiled sadly and looked down at his drawing. "Sammie, it will be hard for her to be happy. The reason it's so easy to upset her now is because she still isn't quite over what happened to Mic. She feels like it's her fault, so she probably will never let that go," he said then sighed a bit, knowing he also could have prevented a death or two. "I'll come. I would like to see how Andrew and Lucas are doing."
"I know it's hard for her to be happy. And I know she misses Daddy, I miss him too. Thank you for coming over," Samantha said and gave Jaden a hug.
"Do you at least accept Adam as a father?" Jaden asked as he returned the hug. Despite the past events, he still wasn't going to mention that it was Adam's intention to separate the two.
"I guess. I just wont ever call him dad or anything," Samantha said with a slight sigh.
"You could call him dad and refer to Mic as daddy. The only differences is your meaning behind it, Sammie," Jaden said, looking at Samantha. "Though, I know it will be hard to call him dad."

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