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A private RP between sultry l i e s and Lexi Something.
If you are not one of these two, you may read but do not post.
Rewind the clock;

So, what has happened from where we left off? Well... Vivian eventually left Mic and started dated Adam again. Mic went off the deep end since Gina wasn't there to calm him and he (supposedly) killed himself. Vivian became quickly depressed and spent time locked up in the nursery while crying, much to Adam's dismay. Later on, after she stopped locking herself up, Vivian and Adam married.

Alexander quickly changed after Mic's death. He stopped fighting his father's wishes and started pleasing him by claiming to be straight. The beatings then began to lessen. He went through the rest of high school like this, dating girls, and eventually marrying one.

Allen found out about what really happened with Alexander when Allen was in the hospital. Too bad for Allen, Alexander is now supposedly straight. Yet, Allen is still living.

Gina was never rescued. Her body turned up dead in the woods.

Jaden continues to live - well, not really - as a vampire. Due to his detachment from Gina, he did not go off the deep end. However, he wants to personally end Sylvia's life.

Speaking of Sylvia, she escaped without anyone figuring out her plan. She was also quite irritated that her plan with Mic didn't turn out as she liked.

Robin and Barbas still live happily with their son. Though, Barbas became slowly corrupted by his regained powers.

Damien and Johnathon got into many arguments and ended up separating the pack. Damien, who had the stronger and more wild half, ended up killing Johnathon and gaining the rest of the pack back. However, he was soon killed by a vigilante since he was leading a massacre on humans.
Where are we now;

It is sixteen years later from where the story was left off. The group has moved to a different location (due to the massacre and the fact that majority of the group didn't really age). Our elf twins, Samantha and Samuel, are bright and beautiful children. The little demon-elf child, Kevin, has kept his powers and certainly taken after his father, Barbas. As for the other characters, it is yet to be revealed whether they had children or not.
sultry's characters
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Samuel Aaron Sibyl

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Kevin Diemere
Half elf, half demon

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Amber Artemis Norwood

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Merrick Alan Norwood-Wetzel

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Roger Achille Beaulieu

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Colette Desirée Tremble

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Roxana "Roxie" Hale

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Vivian Sverre Rogers
Robin Luana Diemere
Alexander Milan Hertz
Jaden Theodor Blythe
Lexi Something's characters

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Samantha Olivia Sibyl

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Chloe Ann Kinley
Water Fairy

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Vladimir Dracula

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Jordan Micheal Adams

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Cameron Davis
Ice Demon

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Alex "Tank" Skaggs
Gray Fairy

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James Hackett
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Barbas Diemere
Allen Kaleb Rogers
Adam James Rogers
Constanza Gabriela Micheals
Samuel sat up in bed, his hair poofed out, and rubbed his eyes as sunlight started pouring in through the window. He blinked a bit and sighed. He hated his internal clock. Then again, it was better than the alarm clock that had just started beeping.

He turned it off as he slipped out of bed. With the loud beeping gone, he could hear his mother downstairs in the kitchen, already cooking breakfast. He went to the bathroom that was connected to his bedroom and got in the shower.

Once he was finished, he got dressed in a pair of skinny jeans and a green T-shirt before fixing his hair. He quietly walked downstairs and into the kitchen. His young half-brother, Andrew, was already at the table with a plate of bacon and eggs. "Ready for school, Andy?" Samuel asked with a slight smirk.

Andrew's eyes glanced over at Vivian then looked back at Samuel. The black-haired elf-werewolf shook his head and put a finger up to his mouth, with wide coal eyes, to tell Samuel to be silent. The male elf just chuckled a bit and sat at the table. "Vivian, is Adam up yet?" he asked, looking over at his mother who was bringing him his food.

"No, but it won't be long. He'll jump right up for the food," Vivian responded with a slight smile. She really did miss when Samuel and Samantha would call her mommy or mama. Without saying anything, she slipped out of the kitchen and into the nursery where the more recent addition to their family was. Unfortunately for Samantha, it was another little boy. Vivian picked up baby Lucas, who was wide awake, so she could start feeding him.

- - -

Kevin, after taking a shower and getting ready, stumbled down the stairs sleepily, almost falling in the process. He was dressed a bit sloppily in a black button up shirt over a white T-shirt and some grey skinny jeans. He leaned against the doorway of the kitchen and watched his mother, Robin, cook breakfast for the family. "Mom, can I-"

"No, you can't, Kevin," Robin said with a slight sigh and looked back at him. "Unless you're burning with a fever, you cannot skip school." She set down plates of food on the table before going over to her son and feeling his head. She heard her son fake coughing then shook her head when she saw his sly smile.

"Could I at least sleep in your class?" Kevin asked and frowned a bit when she shook her head. He stood still as she began adjusting his clothing so it wasn't so messy.

"You're just like your father," Robin said with a slight smile before going to the table to take her place. Kevin sat down at his plate and just started eating his food, not bothering to wait for his father.
Samantha woke up to string tied all around her room. She frowned and resisted screaming at her brother. Instead she screamed for her mother. "MOM! Sam or Andy tied my room in string again!" she shouted with an aggravated huff.

Adam woke up with the smell of food and the sound of Samantha screaming. He groaned a bit and got of bed anyway. He took a quick shower and got dressed for the day. Within the sixteen years he's made it up in life having a nice paying job. He got out of the shower and went into the nursery only to give Vivian a peck on the lips. "Good morning love," he said before going into the kitchen and sitting at the table. He put food on his plate and looked at the boys. "Go fix your sister's room so she can get ready," Adam said looking at them both.

- - -

Barbas woke up to the smell of food and rolled out of bed. He heard his son's words and Robin's response but couldn't help but chuckle. He got ready for the day and walked into the kitchen. He was yet again teaching at the same school as Robin and had a side job of a hired killer. However, Kevin didn't know this. He gave Robin a peck on the lips and ruffled his son's hair before sitting at the table and eating.
When the brothers heard their sister screaming, they secretly high-fived each other before their father saw. They grinned then immediately turned serious when Adam started giving orders. "Who said it wasn't Lucas?" Andrew asked innocently as Vivian came out of the nursery with the baby.

Vivian raised an eyebrow at that. "Lucas is only a week old," she said, frowning at the fact that her young son would be suggesting such things.

"So? I was crawling at a week and Andy was getting into things at that age," Samuel chimed in then shrunk under his mother's glare. Andrew shuddered a little and the brothers went up to Samantha's room to fix it.

"I'm glad they know when to quit," Vivian said with a smile as she sat beside Adam. She gave him a kiss on the cheek, being careful of the baby in her arms. "It's going to be quiet today without you and the older children in the house." After graduating from high school, Vivian really didn't have the will to go to college. When she finally snapped out of her depression, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom so her children and husband would have someone to come home to.

- - -

Robin returned the favor before Barbas sat down at the table then began eating her food. When they had moved, Robin had switched from being an art teacher to an English teacher; the more advanced English classes, of course. Jaden had taken her spot as an art teacher and he was doing a great job at it.

Kevin looked at the two then formed a small fire ball under the table, determined to get out of the school. "Put it out," he heard his mother say before he could do anything. He frowned but listened to his mother. "I wasn't going to do anything too terrible," he said innocently.

"I will get Alexander to put you into a mental institute if you resort to self-mutilation to get out of school."
When Samantha's brother's fixed her room she threw a pair of heels at them. Both of them get them in the back off the head. "Now stay out of my room," she said before shutting her door and begun getting ready.

When she finally emerged out of her room she was dressed in a bit too short skirt, tank top and heels. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror in the hallway and decided she didn't like the skirt anymore. She went back to her room and put on black skinny jeans. She quickly fixed her hair before fully going downstairs. She sat at the table and grabbed her normal diet of fruit.

"Morning Mom. Morning Adam," she said before her phone started going off.

- - -

Barbas looked at his son and sighed. "Kevin, she'll catch you no matter what. You act just like I did in highschool," Barabs said before shoveling more food in his mouth.
Andrew started crying when the heel hit him in the back of the head while Samuel kept himself from shouting a string of curses at Samantha. The older sibling looked down at his sibling and ruffled his hair before wiping the tears away. "Sammie is a jerk, isn't she?" he asked and smiled a bit when Andrew nodded, sniffling a bit.

"She shouldn't treat us like that. You're older than her and I'm way young," Andrew mumbled as he hugged his brother.

Samuel hugged his brother back before picking him up and placing the young boy on his shoulders. "Well, I'm only older by a few minutes. She has less of a reason to treat you like that, considering you're eight years younger," he said as he carried Andrew downstairs.

Vivian had been studying Samantha's clothes and frowned a bit. However, she kept her mouth shut since she used to dress like that. "Good morning, Sammie. Hurry up and eat your breakfast before you guys are late," she said.

- - -

Kevin just finished his food before getting up. "I'll see you two at school then," he said before grabbing his car keys. He went out to his car and got in the driver's seat. He started it then drove the familiar route to school.

- - -

Alexander had already gotten ready for his work as a psychologist and eaten the breakfast his wife had made. He was using his birth form more and more since the bruises had disappeared and he didn't look as scrawny, but he kept any scars hidden. His blond hair was different now; someone could actually see both of his blue eyes. He also, of course, looked older and more mature, yet there was still a hint of that innocent and childish look.

He gave his wife a kiss goodbye and, fleetingly, placed a hand on her stomach before going out the door. He went out to his car and got in. He started it then drove off to his office building to get through with his appointments.
Samantha finished her breakfast quickly and kissed Lucas and Andrew on the top of the head. She hugged Adam and Vivian before looking at Samuel and grabbing her purse. "Who's driving?" she asked since she didn't see a point to take two cars to school.

"Be safe kids," Adam said before giving them all a kiss on the top of the head. He gave Vivian a peck on the lips before leaving and going to work.

- - -

"Come on. We should probably head that way too," Barbas said to Robin with a slight smile. He wasn't looking forward to going to school since his son probably didn't do the homework he had assigned the day before. Even though he reminded him three times.

- - -

Allen woke up a bit late so he scrambled around to get ready since he was working for his brother. He really didn't mind though. He evened up grabbing cold pizza for breakfast and made his way to the office.
Andrew took care of the dishes as Samuel picked up his keys. "You might get us killed," he said to his sister with a slight smirk as Vivian went to put Lucas, who had fallen asleep, away.

When she came back out, she finally noticed how red Andrew's eyes were. "Oh, Andy, honey... What happened?" she asked worriedly, picking the boy up. Andrew just frowned and pointed at Samantha. "Samantha Olivia Sibyl. What did you do?"

"Sammie threw a pair of heels at us," Samuel said as he took Andrew out of his mother's arms. "We'll be going before something happens." He carried his little brother out, grabbing their school stuff along the way, and put his brother in the backseat. He then got in the driver's seat to wait for any possible lecture to be over.

"Samantha. You need to treat your brothers with respect. You shouldn't throw heels at them as a thank you for fixing your room."

- - -

Robin nodded as she took care of the dirty dishes. She got the car keys and handed them to Barbas before going out to the car with him.
"Right mom. Because this isn't only the third time its happened this month and I haven't warned them," Samantha responded with sarcasm. "I'm sick and tired of this s**t happening. They never bother each other only ******** with my things," she finished with a frown.

- - -

Barbas smiled a bit and got into the driver's seat. When Robin was in the car, he started it and made his way to school.
It stung Vivian that her daughter was talking to her like that, but she didn't let it show. "They're close, Samantha, and they're boys. Jaden and I were just like you guys, always arguing and fighting," she said and sighed a bit as she looked down. She really disliked talking about the past. "Try to negotiate peace with them. I'm sure Sam will listen and Andrew will obey what Sam says."

- - -

Kevin arrived at the school and parked in an empty parking space in the student area. He grabbed his belongings out of the back before getting out of the car and heading to the cafeteria.
"Jaden and you just played music to bug each other. Not go through your things and trash your room," Samantha said before leaving the house and getting into the passenger's seat of the car. She shut the door a little too hard, buckled up and looked out the window.

- - -

Barbas parked in the teacher parking and shut the car off. He looked at Robin with a smile and kissed her cheek. "I love you," he said.

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