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I have all 3 and like each for different reasons. I like my PS3 the best, the Wii was a major letdown game wise, and I dislike how microsoft makes you pay for multiplayer.

The X360 controller is the most comfortable though!
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PS3 is the best!!!!!!!! emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome emotion_awesome
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There are a few reasons why I like PS3 more:
1) I don't really chat online (although I do occasionally play online) and I do like to have access to the PSN store without paying for an account to do so.

2) I grew up with Sony (rather than Xbox or Nintendo) so I'm pretty biased when my first console was a PS1.

3) For the console exclusives, I adore Ratchet & Clank (...all of them, practically). I couldn't have a console that I wouldn't be able to play these on. Also the original Spyro games for PS1 are in the PSN store, yesplease.
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I have all three systems, personally PS3 and Xbox360 are so close, it really depends on your gaming style and preference.

My Wii was used for a few months, now it just collects dust unless I have my brother/friends over and we've had a few drinks and believe we're pro tennis players. In reality Resort and Sports are the only Wii games I ever bother with, that's when I do

PS3 is a great system for those who really enjoy heavy graphical RPG style games, considering it's game base, it seems the PS3 is really directed towards this genre.
Biggest Pros; I don't have to pay for subscription to game online, even though I do not use it for online gaming, I get the most of it with my Netflix.
It plays blue-rays, allowing large games to be played on less disks.

Biggest Cons; The controller feels too light, dainty almost, it just doesn't feel right when I'm gaming hard.
It runs much louder than the 360 in my experience and it does bother me slightly when trying to watch movies.

Xbox 360 is my personal favorite, though it is solely based on preference with a much larger game base. In all honesty, paying for Live doesn't bother me that much, $60 bucks a year really is nothing for me and besides, the 360 is designed as an online heavy gaming console. Personally it offers a richer online experience with FPS and TPS such as CoD, BF, GTA, and such so it fits my style and genre of gaming.
Biggest Pros; The controller. Simple. The 360 controller is hands down the best on the market. A well balanced design that fits comfortably in your hands with a great staggered setup.
The online store and interface is much more user friendly and has a signicantly larger game base.

Biggest Cons; It's hot, it definitely heats up a lot quicker than the ps3 and you really have to be aware of a good airflow around the system.
You have to pay for Live gaming which can be a bother for some people.

Now don't think I'm an xbox fan-boy, because I despised the original xbox and swore by the PS2, but when it comes to PS3 and 360, xbox comes out on top. I don't base my opinion on name, but my personal experience with each console.
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Wii sweatdrop
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PS3 all the way. No way am I paying monthly to use Live when I can use PSN for free. I do own an Xbox though, because I like Halo. But that's pretty much all I use it for. Then the Wii. I will always have a soft spot for Mario and Zelda. xd
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Wii cos it's the only one I've ever played of those 3. xd
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Favorite is Xbox 360. I also like the Wii and other old systems like Gamecube, N64, SNES, etc.
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Ps3 all the way! I don't hate the 360 but unless I play games limited to 360 which most I don't really care for. The ps3 controllers also seem a lot better to me then the bulgy xbox controllers.The xbox I would say is a lot more chat friendly but I usually don't talk when I do play games. Overall the thing I love about my ps3 of course is my free internet. c: Also you can never forget the wii tho cause tho it's might not have a lot of games it's always a good time to play wii!
I feel indifferent, they all have pros and cons.
Buu xHaku
I feel indifferent, they all have pros and cons.

Personally I love the Wii, but I agree with Buu xHaku...

I love the gameplay of the Wii and totally love it plays ALL Gamecube games, but it does lack the graphics of the other systems.

I also have a PS3 and love the PS3 only games like Uncharted, Jak And Daxter, etc. The Blu-Ray player is also awesome. However my system gets really loud with the fan and HAS broke down (Red flashing light) 5 or 6 times and I had to send it to Sony to get it fixed. Also, it lacks the backwards compatibility the Wii has, most PS3s can play PSX discs but NOT PS2 discs.

Xboxs 360s... I don't own one as I've heard people can play without breaking down but I also heard a lot of people saying theirs HAVE broke down. My brother has had one since 2006 and it messed up ONCE... That beats my PS3 which I had since 2008. But most of the really awesome games are available for the other systems, and some that aren't on PS3 and Wii are even on PC like Gears Of War and Quake 4.

So yeah, pros and cons all around. But I prefer my Wii over the rest, it was the first to implement motion control (Which IMO is awesome for shooters) and it has a lot of kid friendly platformers, plus you can play N64, SNES, Genesis, and games from even other systems like Neo-Geo and TurboGrafx. smile
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Playstation 3 heart
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I have all three, but I'm liking the ps3 the most.
I love the wii, I bought one for myself but I was completely let down.
I dunno.
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I'd say Xbox360 for big community/more big multiplayer games, PS3 for nocost/bluray/single palyer games are there strongpoint, and etc.., and Wii for family living rooms and kids. But thats just my opinion. Xbox360 and the PS3 are both great systems with both pro's and cons, and the Wii is a family system anyone can enjoy.

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I have them all, and I can honestly say I prefer my Xbox 360

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