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I with the ps3 on this. with the onine services provided and no need for a monthly pay membership to acess online features to download dlc and such, though I only had a 360 for a little while, so I don't really know much about how it works.
I quit Gaia years ago. I came back on because a friend brought it up, and I find THIS STICKY still alive here? Jesus Christ guys. This console war is over. The winner is whoever the hell you want it to be. Put something new up here...
I can't say I have much of a preference to consoles, mostly because I'm more of a pc gamer. But if I had to chose, Xbix 360 because it was the first major console I ever owned. whee
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Between the BroBoxOne, PS4, and Wii U, I'm sticking with my Wii U.
This thread is obsolete. The new consoles have arrived! Rebirth/Revive!

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hauh...the best of the best is ps3 and Xbox...wii for baby emotion_eyebrow
i like xbox but the xbox 720 WILL crash and burn
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xbox 360 has good graphics and i know that its expensive because of live but hey its worth it cool
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Nintendo 64 :3
Regardless of what anyone's opinion is, facts are, the Wii won this generation. Hands down. No, it wasn't the machine for the diehard, hardcore fps guru out there. And it wasn't meant to be. It was a machine intended to let any and everyone have fun playing games. And it was successful on a massive scale.

Now, my personal opinion is that the PS3 is the best console this gen. More exclusives, free online play, higher disc capacity, and it has a few awesome ftp mmos.

360 began its decent 6 years ago. That is when I noticed Microsoft desperately reaching out to get content before anyone else. That is when they also began to focus on all other media formats, except for gaming. As a result, they kept most of the CoD Suckers, sports fanatics, and uninformed gamers on their machine. Which is just fine to me. I'll take a more civilized community than that any day. And party chat was NOT worth paying $60/year for. I'll happily take that money and buy a PS3 exlcusive or a quality Nintendo game instead. The online is NOT better. It isn't. That is a mere illusion. I have never experienced slow PSN or online play on the PS3. Nothing but bs rumors and fallacies floating around about otherwise.

Lastly, this thread is now irrelevant. The Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One are all going to be out this year. The next generation is upon us.
1. PS3
2. Xbox 360
12365632576. Wii

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