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Birthday: 04/17


J e n n <- das mah name

I like to draw and listen to Metal.
Some of my favorite bands are : Bloodbath, Deftones, Black Tide, Trepalium, Arch Enemy, Slayer, Amon Amarth, Cannibal Corpse, Septic Flesh and Opeth.

I like all Sub-Genres of Metal (Except metal core and nu-metal)

I like to play video games some of my favorites being Skyrim, Final Fantasy 12, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Super Maria Bros 3, Guitar Hero, Dead Space 2 and 3, Dark Siders 2, and so on. I don't like call of duty, it's so damned over rated.

I'm straight, for those of you who need to know.
I'm taken for those of you who want to know

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Who's rapping?
I'm not over keen
I'll dice them like a knife slicing right through an aubergine
My dragon shout flow is sweeter than a soda stream
You won't believe your eyes
I'm like an overload of dopamine
A broadsword in one hand and a magic spell in the other
I'm the last of the Dragonborn
There's no other my brother so run for cover

If you've got scales then I'm on your tail and I will not fail
Like a free-roaming sandbox game, I'm off the rails
I walk the trail through awful gales and storms of hail
'til all the nails are knocked into your coffin
I'm not stopping 'til you're impaled and I've prevailed
In the name of the nords I pray to the lords
you all get a taste of the blade of my sword
I'm taking on hordes of enemies
I face them with Hoards of weaponry
They're draining my force so chemistry comes into play with retorts and recipies
Alchemixing like a DJ
Restoration, Restore my Energy
My legacy
Written in Heavenly bodies
and buried with every body that ever did bother to mess with me
I'm a celebrity honestly
You're a wannabe
I'm a Prodigy
The suggestion you're better than me at being a warrior
It's a gift to me
I don't just spit flames Lyrically but literally
And the elder scrolls are scripts in which I've written your obituary
I am the Dragonborn
wearing a hat with Bad a** horns
I'm Dovahkiin Known globally
you're nobody at all.


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Squiter_X32 Report | 09/30/2016 11:14 pm
It's Been 3 Years. Alas, now this is what remains.
KawaiiBulimia123 Report | 03/01/2015 9:30 am
Hey long time no see i hope u didn't forget who i am!
Annabel the Cannibal Report | 04/08/2014 11:23 am
Annabel the Cannibal
I am glad one of your favorite bands is Deftones 3nodding
I pee on girls Report | 11/16/2013 12:36 pm
I pee on girls
ummmmm whats a cute
Fn Brutal Report | 11/14/2013 7:29 pm
Fn Brutal
hellz yea its an awesome name indeed. its the only reason i checked out your profile, when i saw it i was like this person better be metal.
AND YOU IZ biggrin
Fn Brutal Report | 11/13/2013 10:49 pm
Fn Brutal
haha its funny kuz thats your name XD
Fn Brutal Report | 11/13/2013 4:41 pm
Fn Brutal
the ears and septum the worst scale of 1-10 at least 8 kuz of the cold but when i got them redone in summer hurt a bit less.
took em out when i got arrested and they didn't notice my ear piercings.
then i had a seizure this one time and when i woke up at the hospital all my face piercings were gone
Fn Brutal Report | 11/13/2013 4:28 pm
Fn Brutal
had snake bites and septum, still have industrial and conch and helix
had to get rid of my facial ones sadly sad
Fn Brutal Report | 11/13/2013 3:56 pm
Fn Brutal
usually you get metal/ steel when you get a new piercing and the cold metal makes it sting more when its fresh.
i unless you dont mind pain you should wait for it to get warm again lol
and i never got a nose ring but ppl b***h about it even when its not cold so cold gotta be much worst
Fn Brutal Report | 11/13/2013 3:33 pm
Fn Brutal
yea i hear it does you shouldn't get it while its cold as F outside either.
i got most of my piercings in the winter and regretted it once i realized it doesn't hurt or sting as much when its warm lol


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