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Wii U has really stepped up the game for Nintendo. I love it.
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I've only ever had a Wii and a PS3, of the three. I've played on an Xbox 360 though. It's just before my PS3 most of my friends I wanted to game with had PS3s so I figured why not join them.

Not to mention I prefer the PS3-only games over 360-only games. I mean, LittleBigPlanet? Journey? Flower? Those games are fan-fking-tastic. And if I didn't have a PS3 I never would have been able to experience them.

Don't get me wrong, I thnk 360s are good as well, but for what I play and who I play with, a PS3 is the one for me.
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Even though I have all the consoles possible ;3 I will always choose the Xbox 360... It has the best games that I prefer and even though you pay to go online, I know that I've paid to game safely ;D Plus it is the only Console that I dont get booted off because of the internet (: and it has HALO (:
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Well I don't really like the xbox 360 because you have to pay and I don't like the halo franchise, so that's off the list.

So it's between the wii and ps3, I love the ps3 because of all the amazing games you can get I mean siren blood curse was just an excellent horror game to play all together!

But since nintendo bought out the wii u I've been playing it a lot more than my ps3 because of zombi u which I have become addicted to.

So it's an hard decision for me.
I'd have to say xbox, only because I've had mine for 5 years
and haven't really had any problem with it...I don't mind paying since it's worth it..

I understand PS3 is free for the most part, but I just can't switch teams.
I've never owned or played PS3, but I like XBOX 360. I liked Wii when it first came out because it was cool, but now I only play it when I am really really bored because there are not very many good games. = Wii sports is basically all I play on it anymore.
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i love pretty much any system
i have a 360, ps2,ps3,psp,3ds and i love them all biggrin
than i have like almost 300games soooo yeah
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All consoles are beautiful, respect them all gamers!
pc master race
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Even though I'm a Nintendo fan I gotta say the 360 is the console of this gen. Its online and friend systems are great, the menus are easy enough to navigate, and it's got a decent range of good (if all quite similar) titles... Got high hopes for WiiU to help Nintendo make a comeback, most Wii games weren't quite up to snuff (relying too heavily on gimmicky technology that isn't far enough along yet to be practical for most games... though it worked in a few, like Metroid Prime 3). If games on the WiiU are designed anything like the games on the Gamecube were designed, I think I'll be happy. Nintendo doesn't need to try to be Xbox in order to be good (@ all the random-a** third party titles coming to WiiU like Batman and Mass Effect...)

The Wii is pretty old and doesn't have alot of good games. I'm not saying this, because I'm just a PS3 person, but the PS3 is more classic, has better games, and free internet. XBox 360 is alright I guess.
Don't forget terrible account information security.
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