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I think that all of them are really well done, considering.

I prefer the xBox to all of them, but not paying for the internet on PS3 seems ideal.

Each has it's ups and downs.

Wii is awesome for people who loving playing the classic Nintendo games, and PS3/xBox for people who love FPS, etc.
Just watch it wink
and i like PS3 most (maybe after gamescom PS4)
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Xbox ********
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I would have to say PS3 because its more durable. Also the XBox 360 is designed to burn from the inside every three years. Sorry Microsoft. I don't like to pay for internet connection.
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I think ps3 is the best of those biggrin
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Im an xbox guy and Im in love with the controller its soo natural like
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Even if the controller is natural like, dont pay about 200 bucks every three years ppl its a wastle, i have adapted to the PS3 controller so it feels natural.
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Each had its good points. XBox is great for shooters and fighters, PS3 is great for adventure and RPGs, and Wii is great for party and "light" adventure. If I did have to pick, my favorite is the PS3.
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The PS3 & Xbox are both great for their own reasons.
But the wii is just terrible. sweatdrop
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All the consoles are great in there own ways. I personally in favour of the Wii and 360.

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