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lol i got both and enjoy both :3
Why can't people just not care/argue about it?
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Why can't people just not care/argue about it?
Disagreement is American. If everyone just got along who would we go to war with? We gotta find even the smallest differences in eachother so there is always a reason to fight.
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The PS3 is great and what I highly prefer.

PC's probably where it's at though, but I've never really given it much of a chance or have been able to.
I'm gonna say Xbox
I was a PS diehard fan
but Xbox converted me to an atheist
i mean come on
now they have the finally fantasy games on there
Im with playstation.. im not against xbox, and wouldnt turn down having one, but ive always been on the ps side of things.. we get free games every week on plus, only $50 a year.. and the vita smile ( now with plus support ).....add me on psn.. dethboned
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I've had a lot of discussions about which is the better console xbox or ps3 and generally it always seems to turn out that ps3 is better as you can probably see from the endless battling reviews on YouTube~ wahmbulance

Personally I would definitely say ps3 is better because i have always had a playstation since the first one arrived.
I have also had xbox but it basically became a dust collector as i didn't enjoy the gameplay as much as i do on playstation.

The main factors in my decision are:
1. Online play is free with ps3
2. The controls on ps3 are easier than xbox
3. Ps3 has better exclusive titles
4. The graphics are always stunning and improve with every console
5. Re-chargeable controller (it is very annoying to play xbox and then the controller dies)
6. Ps3 has a blu-ray drive
7. The ps3 has a sleek design and nearly always stays clean

They are just the main things for me but obviously there are some other good points as to why its generally better. I would say if you mainly play first person shooter games then xbox is for you but any other genre is better with a ps3! yum_puddi
Wii wins for one reason.

Monster Hunter 3.

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burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes
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