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Snes all the way.

I think xbox is the best
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Wii. It's way too underrated.
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everybody has to be a fanboy
everybody has to be a fanboy
Not me, man. I like, don't judge. I'm a fanboy of life, bro.
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ps3 go helluh harder than 360 and wii combined
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somewhat on, but off topic.
(don't want to make a thread for a single question)

Can you use DLC you download and copy to, say a USB, and use it on other consoles?

I'm going to imagine no, to prevent piracy. 'less it got some safety net that prevents it from being used if the DLC owner isn't present.

but it's that I'm constantly bouncing between home and and my Lady friends house, she has the 2g hardrive with little to no space left on it, and I don't want to clutter her X-box with my s**t.

If this doesn't work is there another solution?
p.s. I'm broke, no expensive solutions.

please and thank you's
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I personally don't see a difference between the Xbox and ps3 except that Xbox is cheaper (for me). I love the Xbox for all my violent needs pirate in other words I find that it's much more common to see first person shooter games and other mostly violent games. ps3 is the same way and in this case covers the same area. I love the wii for another reason, family friendly games such as Mario Party, wii sports, etc. Overall I think my favorite has to be wii for it's general genre.
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The wii just lacks the controller set up of the good old xyab air circle triangle x square. And the Xbox makes u pay for Internet. Play station is my best choice
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While I love the PS3 and its various rpg games, I do prefer xbox due to all my friends being on the same console and being able to play Halo and COD online with them.
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Well, here we go. I'd have to choose wii, mainly because it's got so many games that you can invite your mates over and play with them. Sure, 360 has halo which was fun for a while, and PS3 has little big planet but still, they just don't have that good variety of non-blood and bones action games. Wii does have things like super smash bros, super mario etc so you could invite your friend and their little brother, without brainwashing him with guts and gore

TL,DR: Wii as it's easier to introduce little ones to gaming easier. They can move onto xbox and play station when they're older.
xbox360 rules

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