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Due to the current swarm of topics related to the upcoming generation of consoles, a separate sticky has been created to house the growing amount of discussion and prevent future confusion towards the issue.

Here's some information to start you off! Consoles listed by release date. domokun

Console wars site:

Please keep it civil, and keep on topic.
definetly xbox 360
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Why do you think it's Ps3? And Xbox360? They were upgraded, stupid c**t.
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X-BOX 360 have the most exclusive games, but often have to pay for online use, and when you're banned, a bit of a waste.
PS3 Have less game selection but offers free online usage and often updates. I don't know if this is the same for XBOX, but you also get the added benefit of deleting your games memory, allowing you to have the unpatched version.
Wii is just plain trash, not worth getting unless it's for families, in which case it's a little worth.

But I have a PS3, so I'm biased. =P I played Playstation all my life, so I'm more used to the control setup.
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Whats the point in this
Whats with these wars over consoles
and wii will not win as the wii is made for more exercise reasons to have fun gaming biggrin
xbox and ps3 are always at war so just leave them to it dramallama
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I don't think Wii should be in this fight, Wii is a completely different system that earns money from other marketing methods. I used to own an xbox360, but then i got the red ring.... I didn't even play extensively, just now and then for a study break. So after that I went back to my ps2 roots and picked up a ps3. The free online feature was awesome in comparison to xbox, but the game quality for xbox is so much more crisper and cleaner.

In conclusion.... i think xbox is the better system for hardcore gamers, but that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with the ps3.
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I prefer Wii. #1 Zelda #2 Mario #3 Kirby

My other reasons: Nintendo was the first console I ever played and I fell in love. (Yeah Im in my 20s so -shrug- )

Im also a believer in story over graphics. I dont give care if 360 or PS3 have super realistic graphics. If I want real I'll go outside.

I do own a 360 but I almost never touch it except to watch dvds. Ive also had my Wii since 2007 never had a problem but my 360 goes through phases where the laser doesnt want to read the discs, it shows that nothing is in the drive.

All in all nothing can convince me to ever choose anything over the Wii.

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