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What is your favorite Town in Gaia?

Barton 0.12741550301905 12.7% [ 12218 ]
Durem 0.30306285261391 30.3% [ 29061 ]
Aekea 0.063102898082197 6.3% [ 6051 ]
Isle De Gambino 0.10027009834082 10.0% [ 9615 ]
I love them all! 0.28832737170329 28.8% [ 27648 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11782127624073 11.8% [ 11298 ]
Total Votes:[ 95891 ]
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Hey Moon, Please Forget To Fall Down

Durem. It has Durem Depot, the Tattoo Shop, and H&R Wesley. The best NPCs: Moira, Natasha, Devin, and Edmund.

Hey Moon, Don't You Go Down
Love Me.


Durem I guess.
Abandon Hope.
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Dedicated Flatterer


Nothing better than cobblestone streets and Gothic architecture.
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Aged Survivor

I like a robot-driven city
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Durem. It has an old classic-y feel to it. (I guess I'm trying to say "classy" )

And it's not polluted like Aekea. mad
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All of the towns have a charm to them.

Barton has this lazy, peaceful feeling to it. I imagine this song when I think about it. Or the clock town song from Majora's mask. (Day 2. XD) It's like a place for new beginnings.

Isle De Gambino reminds me of Captiva, in a way. I've been to Captiva, and I can imagine parts of Isle De Gambino feeling like Captiva. Like the residential areas and shops. With other parts feeling more "resort-y", like the casino and market place. It's also one of my favorite towns.

Aekea is interesting. It's sort of like a cyberpunk dystopia, and looking at the map alone, it reminds me a bit of Midgar from FF7. (I've got to stop with the Square Enix References. XD)
It's inhospitable, but at one time it might have been someplace beautiful.

However, my heart will always reside in Durem. It's got this mystique about it. Like, you never know what you might find on it's streets. It's a place where anything can happen, and it's beautiful. The Architecture, the artwork. Winding streets filled with old houses. Giant buildings filled with secrets. That strange underground place. It even has it's own punk underground. XD

Like, literal underground too.

That's why I voted for it. It's my favorite town. XD

...Also, send me a friend request and die. >_> Last week I got so many from posting here, and I'm sick of them. X_X
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    Lol I just realized.. Aekea is Aekea backwards. LOL PALENDROMS R FUN
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Isle de Gambino, totally. It's the home of Gino. heart
What's up with people hating Barton?
Barton town!
It is Gaiaonline's original site, a lot can be said by looking at the Barton on the map 3nodding
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Girl-Crazy Kitten

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It's hard to choose, I like Durem and the Isle
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Sparkly Gawker

It's a tie between Durem and the Isle. Don't ask me to pick, they're both just so scenic. gonk heart
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Isle de Gambino. The colorfullness on the map makes it all worth that.
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Fashionable Cutie-Pie

Durem for sure. I love the old world/gothic feel heart
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Invisible Cat

Barton all the way!

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