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What is your favorite Town in Gaia?

Barton 0.12741663016956 12.7% [ 12219 ]
Durem 0.3030511585226 30.3% [ 29062 ]
Aekea 0.063108719681328 6.3% [ 6052 ]
Isle De Gambino 0.10027320694905 10.0% [ 9616 ]
I love them all! 0.28832718096311 28.8% [ 27650 ]
OOOHHH EEEEEE AHHHHH 0.11782310371436 11.8% [ 11299 ]
Total Votes:[ 95898 ]
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We wants your opinions!

What is your favorite Town in Gaia?


Isle De Gambino
Isle De*Gambino of course ;o

Le Edit:

Its an island
with bright lights


Can I call you Opo? o3o
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Durem. biggrin
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Durem FTW!

That ish why I supported them in the summer event! They have ALL the cool NPCs!Vanessa, Edmund, Moira, ect. Yay NPCs. ((I'm going to hell for not loving Ian aren't I?))

editish: third poster. Not including the monkey of course!
All of them are fun in there own way x3


Taste The Rainbow!

Durem babeh ^^
Durem. It is the classiest and has the most elegant feel of all the towns.
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Durem, because it has my beloved Edmund. heart
Aekea, clearly! Especially at the corner of "Dead human" and "Grinder". Its a town built to focus on what truly matters... ROBOTS!

How could you truly enjoy a town focused on the color black and angst? How can you truly enjoy a town focused on sunbathing and money?!


Alle hageln Roboterlords
Alle hageln Roboterlords
Alle hageln Roboterlords
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I like Durem, it's funky, and old-world at the same time.

Clash of the cultures at its best? =3
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The one with the Zurg in it? crying <3
You know I don't know if i have a favorite but if i did it would probably be ,,,,,,,,.............,,,,,,,,,,,,.............,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.............. isle de gambino... you can't beat an island..plus it has the marketplace. SHOPPING!!!!!
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Looming buildings & stained glass = lovely.
Isle de Gambino fosho.

Gave birth to what is the Gaia storyline. 3nodding Automatic win.

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