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My Story

Hello everyone! I am The Dusky Falcon, or just Dusky for short. I love any and all kinds of avatar art. I put some of it on my profile, and some in my signature. I also like being drawn with The Masque, Gino's super-hero alter-ego. PM me if you'd like to sell me your art!

It was a balmy late-summer evening when my life was changed forever...
I was walking to my home in Barton South with my spirit falcon Isaac perched upon my shoulder, when I came across a sinister-looking Gaian with a dark summoning tome dragon hovering behind him. He stopped me and asked if I could help him with his quest for his dream avatar as he eyed my Isaac with interest. He grinned and said the last thing he needed was a spirit falcon and asked me if I could donate it to him. I said no, I didn't want to donate Isaac, and the man's smile faded from his face. He became very angry with me and started going on about how selfish I was being, he pointed at my other collectibles and said that if I could afford all my other things, I could afford to get another five or six more spirit falcons if I wanted to. I clutched Isaac close to my chest and told him if he didn't stop harassing me, I would have to report him. So he finally gave up arguing and walked away in a huff as I started back towards home with a brisk pace, wanting to get as far away as possible from him.

And then, I heard a loud roar come from the direction that the man was leaving. I turned around and had a jolt of fear run through my body; he had sent his dark dragon after me to try and steal Isaac! His black dragon saw me standing just yards away as he let out another tremendous roar and swooped down from the treetops to attack. I broke into a sprint and ran as fast I could to try to outrun the dark dragon. I weaved in and out of the thick forests of trees that dotted the towns, hoping to lose him in the chase. The night sky grew darker and the forest started getting harder to navigate as I struggled to keep running away with Isaac still clutched against me. In the midst of my fear and in the dark of the night, I was having trouble seeing what was ahead of me, and suddenly, the forest ended at a steep ravine. I was running so fast and the ravine was so close, I had no time to slow myself down and I ended up going over the edge! I fell tumbling on the sharp, rocky edges of the cliff's face. I rolled and dropped about a dozen times before I finally stopped, and both Isaac and I were badly injured. By this time, the sky was dark, the stars and moon were out, the dragon that had been pursuing us couldn't see how far where had fallen and let out a furious roar as he turned around and flew back to his owner empty-handed.

As I lay bleeding and losing consciousness, I apologized to Isaac for not doing a better job at protecting him and told him that this was good bye.... I closed my eyes gave into the pain, and the last thing I remember hearing were Isaac's mournful screeches. Isaac, being very close to death himself, didn't want to see me leave, even if it meant having to die too. Out of love and sorrow, he spent the last of his strength and used his spirit falcon energy to help me recover and give me life. I finally woke up from the ordeal very early the following morning with a huge headache, I looked over to where the falcon had fallen next to me, but it was too late, Isaac had passed away. I picked up his body and queitly thanked him for saving my life, as I walked home, tears rolling down my face, with the lifeless bird in my arms.

As the days passed, I noticed that strange things had happened to my body since the night of Isaac's death. His spirit energy had given me more than just the strength to survive, it had given me a more lean and powerful body, keener eyesight, quicker reflexes, along with other powers. Then I decided, I would use these powers for good, not evil, as I would dedicate my time to helping innocent Gaians avoid the same kinds of situations I had gotten myself into at the hands of other greedy Gaians. This is my way of paying tribute to my beloved falcon who did so much for me and asked for so little in return. He may not be here with us in body, but his spirit still resides in me today.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! ^_^

Sharp vision, even at night
Excellent sword-fighting skills
Increased strength

Avatar Art!

Here's some artwork I've received from artists and friends!

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Thanks to - Introjected -!

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Thanks to My Vanity Fair!

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Thanks to Crazy Grunneh!

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Thanks Demon Cookies!

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Thanks Azumi_Maki!

And here's a banner that rk43v3r gave me for donating to his quest...
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ladymay111 Report | 11/01/2013 10:21 pm
aww wow thanks for the halloween gift ! i love it biggrin smile ! 4laugh emotion_awesome
that was really sweet of you ^^
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Thanks so much for your gift sweetie! emotion_bigheart
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Thank you muchly for the trick-or-treat pail!! whee heart
The Sylph of Time Report | 10/26/2013 7:21 am
The Sylph of Time
Hey thank you! 3nodding
Mint 57 Report | 12/31/2012 11:06 am
Mint 57
You're welcome, and have a Happy New Year! smile
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Thank you Santa!! heart
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Thanks for buying! whee
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Thank you for the gift! Have a merry christmas!
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emotion_hug Thank you for the Christmas Gift. I'm going to wear it now! Hehehe
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Thank you so much for the gift! heart


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