I haven't updated this profile in years, haven't been a mod in years, and I'm too lazy to update it right now.

The following are frequently asked questions/scenarios that I've come across. If you feel something should be added feel free to drop me a PM.

- I've been hacked/scammed! What do I do!?

If any of the above have occurred, please use the appropriate report forms which can be found at the bottom of the main forum listing: Report a Hacking, Report a Scamming. Make sure you fill out every box so that the report processes properly. You'll know it has gone through when you receive a report number for your records. If you no longer have access to a hacked account, just fill the form out on an alternate account.

-Someone is harassing me! What do I do?

The first step if you find you can no longer speak civilly with another user is to put them on your ignore list. If you bait them back you could end up getting in trouble as well. You can find the option to ignore someone under their online status in the forums or through your friends list feature under the My Gaia tab. If it escalates to a point where you feel threatened or they aren't leaving you alone (contacting you on multiple accounts to get around the ignore features, etc.) please feel free to fill out a Abuse/Harassment Report.

- I clicked a link someone posted and it logged me out/a pop-up is asking for my password. Is this normal?

To keep your account safe, ALWAYS check the url of the website you are on. One of the main password phishing schemes is to take you to a website that LOOKS like Gaia (with the draw of some super expensive item), but in reality is someone that plans to hack your account with the password you supply them. If the url isn't gaiaonline.com, do not trust it. If it seems like you've randomly been logged out, go back to the homepage to see if this is really the case. As for popups asking for your password, just click out of them. There is no reason you'd need to fill that out for anything on Gaia. And report these when you can so as few people fall victim to it as possible.

- A mod moved my thread/warned me and I don't understand why!!

If something isn't clear to you, we don't expect you to just take it at face value. Please feel free to ask us questions if you are confused or ask for clarification. If you aren't satisfied you are welcome to ask another mod for their opinion.

- I feel a mod is corrupt/did something wrong/shouldn't be a mod!

Mods are just as prone to mistakes as the average person. If you feel a mod has done something wrong, we encourage you to first talk it out with them. However, if you feel the situation hasn't been resolved you can send a message to usertalk@gaiaonline.com detailing the situation.

- I've been banned and I don't know why!

If your account has been banned and you are unsure of the reason, you are welcome to contact the Help Center asking why.

- There has been porn in the forums for hours and no one has cleaned it up even though I reported it!

The mods don't necessarily patrol the front pages of the forums as much as the users do. That is why we are always so thankful for the reports you file. However, even with reports, we might not notice something amiss in a forum right away. If you see something that is potentially harmful on the site, such as porn or gore, please feel free to PM an online mod once you have filled out a report so it can be taken care of quickly. Please only do this for serious issues, however. Spam or misplaced topics are annoying but can be dealt with at a later time.

- A mod gave me an informal warning? What the heck is that?

An informal warning is just a more official way of saying a reminder. It's kind of our way of saying "Hey, this is against the rules, but we realize you might not have meant it." but a bit more formal than a poke. It is not a full warning and should not be viewed as such.


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Hiii!! Hope youre having a lovely day!
Cara the Sweet

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Cara the Sweet

Probably a bit late but Happy B-day. sweatdrop heart

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🎀 That's just the best!


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🎀 Cereal killer?

Chibi Halo

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Chibi Halo

Well not only are Edmund and Vanessa officially married but Edmund's back in his shop AND he's a father now. He and Vanessa had a baby girl they named Violet. She's in his shop with him and Louie and she's old enough for oat cereal because Louie said she burped some up on him once. And I think Ian totally gave her a RuRu plush because she's holding her own little Rufus. Too cute.

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Of course! How is your day going?

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So...uh...Edmund's just proposed to Vanessa.


Thoughts on this?

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No problem. Thanks to you too 4laugh heart

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The Frostinator

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The Frostinator

So I heard there's a marriage system now. Does your title say "Edmund's wife" yet?


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