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Are you concerned with how a potential recession would affect your family?

A lot 0.22193356838003 22.2% [ 23920 ]
A little 0.20396177398404 20.4% [ 21983 ]
Vaguely 0.096205232881796 9.6% [ 10369 ]
Not At all 0.060920393393951 6.1% [ 6566 ]
Hadn't thought about it 0.24319910929672 24.3% [ 26212 ]
I'm way too rich to care 0.033290035257005 3.3% [ 3588 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.14048988680646 14.0% [ 15142 ]
Total Votes:[ 107780 ]

Elviiee generated a random number between 345 and 10876473 ... 1976359!

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We're already past a recession

So it can only get better from here

OBAMA !! <3
Concerned, depressed, and all above- the rest sad
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(long post ahead)

It seems to me that the people who are suffering a lot at this time are the fresh-out-of-school people who do not yet have work experience.
When I first entered college, I chose to major in biology. I earned a bachelor's degree and then a master's degree. But I was unable to get accepted into a PhD program. And biology is a degree that you can't do much with unless you train to the level of PhD. You might be able to become a biology teacher, but if you want to become a biologist (as I did) you really need a PhD degree. And even if you have a PhD degree... getting a job as a biologist is difficult even when the economy is good. And now, at this time, it's almost impossible.
Since biology didn't work out for me, I then decided to get a degree in medical laboratory science. A much more in-demand field. And even with this new training... I was job searching for over a year before I finally found a place to work. I feel like I just barely made it. If my job search had dragged out much longer, I think people would not want to hire me because my experience is not fresh.
So, these are indeed difficult times when you try to get a job in an in-demand field and it's still hard to do so.
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rofl rofl rofl OOOOOH EEEHHH AGHHH
rofl rofl rofl
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Hmm i haven't thought about it.
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I am worried: next year I start university and not in my city, it can be a problem.
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A lot - my internship pays crap, but it was the best I could get. Nobody will hire me full time.
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a little. We can only do so much.
Concerned, depressed, and all above- the rest sad
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sweatdrop I'm sweating it

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