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Are you concerned with how a potential recession would affect your family?

A lot 0.22193150926416 22.2% [ 23920 ]
A little 0.20395988161179 20.4% [ 21983 ]
Vaguely 0.09620434028261 9.6% [ 10369 ]
Not At all 0.060919828170086 6.1% [ 6566 ]
Hadn't thought about it 0.24320613095072 24.3% [ 26213 ]
I'm way too rich to care 0.033289726389623 3.3% [ 3588 ]
OOHH EEEE AHHH 0.14048858333101 14.0% [ 15142 ]
Total Votes:[ 107781 ]
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i'm definitely concerned, but there isn't much i can do about it, so i'm not going to go into a panic or anything.

idk how economics works and stuff, but i do know recessions happen. they're bad news, but they happen. it'll suck for a while, but i think the economy will bounce back eventually.

hopefully. D:
I think that it would hurt my family. D:

But I must agree with snow cone. If the government didn't worry about it, there really wouldn't be a problem.
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To tell you the truth, I haven't thought about it. o 3o;
I suppose it would affect my family though.
But I'm not really sure.

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We have food stamps and medi-cal so I don't think it would affect us that much.

XD, Whoot, second page.
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Oh I'm concerned...but i don't really care THAT much about it =/

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A bit, not much though.
We don't have finantial problems now, so it wouldn't set us back much.
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Not really...
it would hurt mine i think...
waka waka domokun 1st post
Yeah, actually, I am.
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not really
Oh, you drive me crazy! Oh, you just bring me down.Look out your window....

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don't really care....

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All you have to do is just surrender, just surrender

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early post yay
nope not that much.............

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