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I joined Gaia eons ago, when I was naught but a wee lass. sweatdrop

I don't come here very often anymore, but every once in awhile I'll log know, for nostalgia purposes. whee


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Astarte-dono Report | 09/10/2013 7:11 am
Thanks for the purchase!!! emotion_yatta
Lea Angela Report | 07/16/2013 2:12 pm
Thanks for buying !!!!! smile
Amethielle Report | 03/23/2013 5:57 pm
Thanks smile
BobCatHKSS Report | 05/18/2012 8:49 pm
Can you draw manga pages? If yes, are you interested in earning Gaia gold for drawing manga pages?
011001100110111101111000y Report | 04/03/2012 2:53 pm
Thank you so much! ;w;
Periwinkle Buttercup Report | 03/24/2012 9:08 pm
I have to post and say absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your avatar! I absolutely adore birds and had been thinking the past couple of weeks of putting together something for spring with birds. You've done an amazing job with yours!
wait42moro Report | 03/13/2012 7:22 pm
8,208G...because I changed my hair 92 times. that...would be...amazing.. eek
Vathilia Report | 03/10/2012 2:02 pm
wow that's a lot of birds! XD me like!!! XD
wait42moro Report | 03/09/2012 10:49 am
My moneys, they are gone! crying crying

All because I had to update my hair sweatdrop
Driany Report | 03/08/2012 9:31 pm
awwmmm, you're cute =)

i'm a very happy person, i hope you have a nice weekeeend hahahaha =)


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