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wow, amazing.
Oh my... the artists really outdid themselves with this RIG. The art is simply beautiful. c:
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It's so creative how they changed the story and the art is beautiful heart
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i really do like this item. :3
I LOL'ed at Les Cannon b/c it's the Survivorman on Discovery!!
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XD I thought the story was a good re-telling of it. Lol Les Cannon was an awesome deus ex machina
AWESOME!!!!!!! I GOT GAIA-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow! Amazingly beautiful art and story! Love the wolves! heart
I nearly had a heart attack when I 'woke up' at the point when the dogs were howling. I'm so glad I got to see the rest of the story! Thank you!
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This story is gorgeous. I love the art, and I really enjoyed the twist on the old classic. Hooray for the princess fighting a polar bear with a spear. o/
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And I keep watch for you.

Thank you for posting this! : D
I never get to do RiGs, so it's nice to finally be able to see the story. This one was adorable. <3 And the art was very nice.

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Yeah! Now if someone only did this for the other rigs......
Gorgeous, I only wish I could've seen all of the art when I bought a snow apple...
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Aw, I completely missed this thread because I was gone a few weeks ago.
The art is so beautiful! I love its delicateness. <3 So pretty.
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I was three panels away from a happy ending. I wish I could have bought more than one. -sigh-

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