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...Much love for Les Cannon. <3 I'm-a fangirl him now.

        That was great. Thanks for posting. :]
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This was wonderful. Great for a short, modern retelling. Thanks for posting smile
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That was a beautiful twist on the Snow White story. I love how strong she was.
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That is a really beautiful story, and for a rig!
It's a lovely Gaia variation of Snow White :3
The artwork is also beautiful <3
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thank you for putting this up...the story's like a mix between Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (obvious) and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
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Ah how lovely! It would only let me get as far as being killed by the ice queen.
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That's really gorgeus. heart
Now I feel like watching that old soviet animation Snow Queen again...

I thought of the Snow Queen too!
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Do you have the image to the Snow Apple intro and its Bloopers?
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The art and the story are absolutely lovely and stunning. <33
Though now...after reading this story, I'm kinda depressed knowing that I lost on the last chapter. xD
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I love how it was all fairy-tale-y and suddenly Les Cannon shows up.
Typical Gaia, lol
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Thanks a lot for showing those images since I may not be getting that RIG at all.
I'm too behind on current EIs... sweatdrop
Awesome story though 3nodding
Do you have the image to the Snow Apple intro and its Bloopers?
No i don't.
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I'm going to go over here and just -SQUEE- from the adorable story ;A; <3 aaaaaaaaah fairy tales! <3

It totally doesn't help that I've been watching that Man VS Wild on Discovery Channel lately, the 'Survivalist' kinda reminds me of the host of that show XD

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