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Shy Gaian

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I love cats, so of course I love kitten hunting.

For once I wish I had an iPhone to play the game.

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Salty Phantom

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They're very cute; I only just got home from work, so it's a nice welcome home. Found Puck in the first 5 minutes, now I just need the other two.

I just wish Rumble Kitten was available on other phones. User Image
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Fluffy Fatcat

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they are so cuteee awww
gotta catch them all !
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Dangerous Sex Symbol

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It's in my estimation that cats aren't usually hard to find... when they want to be found.

*taps food can*

Nope. No cats.
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Magical Senshi

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Cant find the last kitten, going slowly mad. ninja
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Missed my chance at my second kitty since I clicked to quickly away from the page I was on. crying
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Dangerous Fairy

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They are so small! Why could the not make them a leetle bigger?
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Shadowy Rogue

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I was wondering what was up with the random stray that showed up on my page a bit ago... xd

I like it when Gaia does ransom stuff like this.
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Manly Lunatic

Damn ******** cats... stop it Gaia... they are dull.
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Ruthless Mage

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B a n i r a b u
I've only found one

I can't find any others

Same. XP
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Wheezing Elder

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The kittens are so adorable! heart
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Barton Reveler

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I found all 3 kitties within 5 - 8 mins of browsing (and not just in the RumbleKitten sub-forum.)

I think it's cute but unless it comes out on Facebook or Gaia, I can't play it because I don't have a suitable phone. My phone is +7 years old lololol. crying
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Cluttered Kitten

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User Image
I need to find my Kindle so I can see if the game is available. No fancy phones for me, heh.
I can't get enough of these kittens. whee
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Sparkly Shounen

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The kittens are so freakin ADORABLE! 4laugh

I like this mini event just of that. Really wish we could get items with the kitties as companions too! eek
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Omnipresent Genius

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It's fun! I like mini events.

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