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About Me

Hello! My name's Sarah a.k.a noirist.
I've been on/off Gaia since around 2006.
This is what I look like, in real life:
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My book collection as of Jan 2021:
Link to pic - Warning, it's massive!

I'll just share this little thing I filled in, from the Awesome Mature Gaians guild.
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Name: User Image
Nicknames: noir
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Any kind of pasta dish!
Hobbies: Reading and adding to my book collection, watching films, listening to audiobooks/music
Interests: Horror, cooking, walking/exploring new places, playing PC games co-op with my bf
Occupation: Health care assistant
Pets: A Black Pug called Monty
Catch Phrase: "It must be a glitch!" (Even if something goes wrong in real life, just say "It's a glitch!"
Thing you like most about Gaia: The quirky outfits you can make, chatting to nice people
Favorite Gaia Item: Rocker the Pug, because that's my Monty.
Quest/Wishlist: A few things. There's nothing I MUST have, really...
Describe yourself in one word: Worrier.
Anything else we should know: I'm in my 30's. I'm half English/Filipino and live in the UK. I heart chatting to friendly peeps. I'm quite lazy and un-motivated right now in life, but I'm a friendly, easy-going person, so hopefully that makes up for some of that. lol

Gaia is pretty darn quiet compared to how it used to be sweatdrop so if you too are feeling a bit bored and want someone to chat with, feel free to shoot me a PM/comment! And remember...
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Pink Fregia Report | 01/12/2024 7:32 pm
Pink Fregia

Yes, he's on oxygen 24/7 and insulin

babyyyme2005 Report | 01/11/2024 12:11 pm
hey lady smile good to see you ... I how the family is doing well and you had a wonderful holiday

the kids have been sick a a little better today ,they are back in school and tabby will start a internship in the 18th at the cat hospital of Tucson.. i will be taking him to school 4 days out of the week starting next week ... our weather has been cold and rainy , it even snowed.. they say next week it will be in the 70,s and my fingers are crossed lol .. i woke up with a scratchy throat and headache...
Queentintin Report | 01/10/2024 4:46 pm
This is true *hugs* you're in my thoughts, and Happy New Year 2024 =)
Dexigone Report | 01/10/2024 4:13 pm
Soon, am getting an MRI later in January and they will decide on something then, hopefully this will make my life better. It's good that you are taking care of your mother! What happened to your old job?
Pink Fregia Report | 01/09/2024 3:11 pm
Pink Fregia

Hi, He's doing ok, still kicking. learning the oxygen n how to inject insulin have been a learning curve. Now, we're working on changing his diet.
Dexigone Report | 01/08/2024 6:38 pm
I am doing well, I am finally going to get my kneecaps fixed! Anything going on?
Queentintin Report | 01/08/2024 1:03 pm
Been good *hugs* can't complain, let's see if 2024 is better than 2023 lol
Queentintin Report | 01/08/2024 12:02 pm
Allo *hugs* nice to see you around =)
Dexigone Report | 01/08/2024 11:18 am
angelic snow angel Report | 11/17/2023 2:56 pm
angelic snow angel
Hi, I am extremely sorry to hear about your friend. Is she going to be okay?
I am doing god!

My Pug Montolio
when he was a pup <3