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awww yes. one more~ B: WHY THANKS.

Damnit, i tried to click the one in your screencap
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I want MORE! These Rumble Kittens are too adorable for words.
I found the three kittens, one right after the other, in like a minute or two. Haha.
I'd love to see more RK items made available to us.

*can't handle the cuteness* emotion_kirakira
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cute. i haven't been able to find any stickers though
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They're pretty cute, but I wish the ears were a bit larger. They look a bit like orange clips atop an avi's head. I can't make out the folds in the ears very well, personally.
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I only found one kitten. mad
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All I gotta say is a cat based mini event that is not only quick, but has everyone shouting my name... It's a narcissist's dream come true! cat_4laugh
Gaaah, too freakin' adorable! DDD:

Just need one more.
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Very cute scavenger hunt for what looks to be a cute game (tickle battles!). It was an awfully short scavenger hunt, though. I was done in five minutes, not even trying.

Wish I could play the game.
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@_@ Just got my first one. Waah so cute adfkjskjfod it even thanks me for saving ittttttt *wails* emotion_0A0
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cute event! wish it were longer though :c
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Cool I guess, haven't seen a single one though.
I found one kitty before I got to the announcement, and then another kitty on the announcement page... one kitty left to find!
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___________User Image___________
вυт ∂ση'т ℓσσк ∂σωη вє¢αυѕє, ι ∂ση'т кησω, ƒαℓℓιηg ιѕ ƒαтαℓ ƒяσм тнιѕ нєιgнт

KITTIES cat_scream
I swear, Gaia is only enabling my transformation into a crazy cat lady.

ι кησω тнαт ι ѕнσυℓ∂ нανє ηєνєя нєℓ∂ уσυ υρ тнιѕ нιgн, тнιѕ нιgн
________ι кησω тнαт ι ѕнσυℓ∂ нανє ηєνєя нєℓ∂ уσυ υρ тнιѕ нιgн, тнιѕ нιgн________
User Image
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Koohii Monsutaa

Damnit, i tried to click the one in your screencap
oh gosh, hahah, im so sorry! i didn't even think of that happening!

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