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Do you want new EI's?

Yes! Of course! 0.64492753623188 64.5% [ 89 ]
I'm happy with just the REI's. 0.10869565217391 10.9% [ 15 ]
I'm poor so it doesn't really matter. 0.2463768115942 24.6% [ 34 ]
Total Votes:[ 138 ]
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Ridley Starsmore
I wish, man.

But they have already said that it's just not profitable for them to make them. Hope you like REIs, cause that's what we are getting.

This really saddens me.
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Too bad. We've had some really great EIs at least. Pico's Urn will probably always be my favorite.
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no more evolving items

no more CS items, period. Hopefully, REI's will go the way of EI's and then all the other cash shop crap will die out like the dodo bird.
then all we'll get is rigs rigs rigs and that sounds so much better burning_eyes
gold shop updates are usually lackluster, so i guess that'll make cash shop rigs the only place to get the "good" items
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They gunna at least finish bunnilation
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i remember there was also a bit of a hubbub when an artist said that regular EIs are kind of a drag to work on - you get tied to one project for sooo long. REIs are easier because they are shorter, though i find most REIs to be pretty repetitive, mostly the same sort of poses over and over.

I felt like the Ciels were the last fairly original/exciting REIs, all the secret little poses and some of the revolutionary poses we got (the scissors, for instance).

i don't mind seeing EIs that are compilations, but i miss getting more bang for my buck. personally speaking, during the golden age of EIs i totally didn't mind plunking down $10 for something that had maybe five-ten poses i'd use, cuz that seemed like a lot. most REIs these days have one or two at the most that i will use, so i think a lot harder about what i decide to buy cuz five bucks for one pose makes me feel iffy.

i'll drink to that

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