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Do you want new EI's?

Yes! Of course! 0.64492753623188 64.5% [ 89 ]
I'm happy with just the REI's. 0.10869565217391 10.9% [ 15 ]
I'm poor so it doesn't really matter. 0.2463768115942 24.6% [ 34 ]
Total Votes:[ 138 ]
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REIs make me wanna puke on a kitten, I have never and will never shell out cash to support them. They're too expensive for what they are, and because they evolve so quickly all the fun of speculating on future poses and eagerly following the storyline or waiting for new possible art is completely dashed. To be replaced by the lameass "oh hooray gais we get one new pose twice a week."

Am I the only one who honestly did not care about the (reasonable - I'm not talking about diapered egg or any of the cursed reaper eis) longer waiting times. I could kick those poeple who used to b***h and whine about there "being too many eis." I hope they're friggen happy paying twice as much for half the poses, or never getting any single items with the sheer amount of poses that 999 EIs had.
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Timid Rogue

... Wow, you're right. It's been a pretty long time since the last basic evolving item...

Shame that the rapid EIs are fetching more cash. I liked waiting...
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Hot Lover

I like EI's because it was something to look forward too for a lesser of a price. But tbh, I have very little patience so REIs give me faster gratification. xd I can see how it would give them more profit though, since previously with EIs, it was $10 every few months. Now it's like $5 a month.

Overall though, I care more about the quality of the item than anything else.
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No more EI's?
well, that's super bad news for me.
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Despite their erratic schedule, I miss the regular EIs. The REIs are cool and all but... they all seem to be the same in some ways... I know which poses to expect from them, just the colors and styles vary.
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Man, I really miss regular EIs. My favorite are ones with lots of variety and colors.(gogh, compass, zodiacal) or ones with a clear story (reve) I don't do rigs and I feel REIs aren't worth the price, I have quite a bit gaia cash saved up from doing offers, just waiting for a EI to spend it on. As long as their schedules are reliable I don't mind the wait, in fact the anticipation makes each evolution so much more exciting. REIs take the fun out of evolving items. Hell there are REIs that would have made better EIs with a longer story. I hate all the spin off REIs too, should have made them 1 big EI to begin with. I seriously hope EIs haven't died.
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I must be the only one who doesn't care and is glad that they're
gone. I'm very impatient. At the time of regular EIs I could be used to them
and their schedule. In fact, it was fun to wait for the next evolution. But once
they introduced REIs and a set, fast schedule I became used to that instead.
And it's what I have come to expect, honestly. I prefer this way but if they
had never introduced REIs at all I would probably be fine with regular EIs.

Waiting for the Modus to evolve, for me, was like pulling teeth after a while.

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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I miss the Dr Singh and Timmy updates. whee

I would love to have a regular, drawn out EI (CoP, anyone? whee ) Even if they were to be released only now and then.
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Well I don't go to the ATAs so I guess that would explain how I didn't know about this. But yeah, I really love the variety EI's. I feel like it's frustrating to get an item that looks all the same style because then in order to wear that item ever, your avatar has to more or less be that style and I just can't lock down to something that simple. I think I only have like two REIs and even those I have to really try to fit them in. Furthermore, I don't want to buy gaia cash so in the past, I could never get an EI before it started evolving (not to mention that I didn't usually have much gold when they started and their prices in the mp usually start out way too high) but now that I can complete the cash offers, I have some to spend and I was really hoping to have that feeling of looking forward to the next evolution. Ah well. It's really a shame.
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This thread makes me sad.
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My guess with REI's shorter time frame, regular twice a week updates and such they just end up more profitable in a shorter space of time EI's on the other hand a prolongued and tend to be off putting to some users as you lose poses each evo and only get them all at the end.

Personally I find Rei's far more appealing.
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The longterm Eis did have a certain epic quality. I hope they do some more. I kinda suspect they may be keeping some secrets about that but I guess we'll only know when the unvail it. Just a suspicion because a lot of artists work seems to have been routed else where lately. It could bee just the new towns they've been aluding to but I still feel like there could be more.
I hope they continue to make EIs. If not as many as previously, then at least one or two awesome one's a year. 3nodding
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Jeez...you leave for a few months and they change things..
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Also I noticed with EI's nearly every pose is absolute win. I think a large factor in that is that they harnessed a lot of their artistic resources on one project. REI fluctuate quite a bit and I would suspect(but really wouldn't know) their sales would show a difference between the previous 100% quality EIs and 75-80-100% qualityREIs. To sum up I think most of us can agree that EIs always rocked on every pose while REIs can be hit or miss at times.
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I was upset about this when they first stated they were phasing out normal EIs.

I was upset about this when we started getting REIs with a way more crappy value for money than normal EIs.

I was upset about this when the few normal EIs we got kept on getting a crappy value for money.

Now I'm just an old lady sitting on her porch who just can't get worked up about it anymore.

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