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I wish I could do more crossdressing, but I don't pay enough attention to new items to see what arm/leg mods there are that would work well.

Androgyny= love
I am a female but with a male avatar. I really like being able to dress up as a male since i can't do it in real life. I get to live out my imaginary guy dress up in the internet. Bacially my avatar just wears a selection of shirts and pants. It's not creative i know, but i don't really see why i should try to dress up my avatar to look like a male since it alreay looks like a "male base". Giving it a dress just makes it look strange as well, in my opinion
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        I'm a girl so I guess in a way my avatar is cross dressing? Sometimes I like to dress up my male base in girly clothes, partially to see if I can make it convincing, and sometimes I miss dressing pretty crying (very rarely, though)
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My avatar was getting mistaken for a guy so much, I had to put a warning label in my signature. I'm not ever TRYING to look like a guy, I'm trying to look like my character.

I guess girls aren't allowed to wear detective clothing. :/

...And I guess the wig doesn't help. But. She has boobs. Does no one see the boobs?! /rantrantrant
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Trying to look like a guy right now, lmfao.
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Most of my female -> male avis tend to use arm and leg mods, or wigs.
But then I have some where the hands do show and I still get people (mostly artists) asking if my avi was a male or female. I think mostly in those cases I have tops that flattens out the chest area.
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How creative do you get with make your male/female base look like a female/male base?

I don't, because I'm male and like looking, well, male cat_sweatdrop

Any must have items?

For me, the General's Beard is a must have item cat_3nodding

What items should gaia make more of for us?(or what kind)

There is this giant list in the SF, which, to be honest, covers pretty much everything we need... cat_rolleyes

Has anyone ever criticized you for dressing your avi in drag?

Since I don't, no, but I would find it rather inane and stupid for someone to do that on Gaia cat_xp
It's an interesting challenge... I tried just now and I think I pulled it off decently. The main difficulty was bulking up the avatar. Face-shape is also a giveaway for gender.
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I'm a gender bender fan, that why i dress often my avi like a boy.
I try so many time to find some legs mod but the coolest one is a little expensive. mad
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I tried to disguise a male mule as a female just fun before, but it came out looking like a foppish dandy in the end. Had a hard time getting it to look feminine and not guy-dressed-up-like-a-girl so I gave up. sweatdrop
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I remember back when they first started hardcore unisexing items there was a lot of controversy going on about it, but it seems most people don't find much issue with it anymore... or at the very least they don't vocalize their opinions about it.

When I had the hair with the braid that goes down your back I got called sir a few times. xp I just thought it was funny since I usually wear a skirt, so you'd expect the first assumption to be that I'm female. But then again, the shirt I wear does tend to make my avatar pretty flat chested. sweatdrop
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Before when I was in my zOMG! phase, I used to get mistaken for a guy a lot because I wore short hair. Now I tend to wear long-ish hair to be 'feminine'. Anyway; this thread has influenced me to dress my avatar up into a 'guy-like' outfit. I find it amazing how some people can cover up their male base and transform it into a feminine avatar.
I've never gone in drag but I love the androgynous looks for male/female avatars.
Ohmy. I wanna try dressing in drag now. But I dunno items that will suit to my liking. Must look for leg/arm/wig/eyes items for drag if I wanna cover my female base.
Right now I doubt anyone would take my avatar for a guy sweatdrop

I think it's more fun making a male avatar look female than vice versa.

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