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Well, the Reve Rouille got recolored: navy/cobalt blue and silver:

wahmbulance "the Reve Marin is a gorgeous new variant of the Reve Rouille, featuring exclusive recolors of some of the item's most popular poses." wahmbulance

User Image Marketplace Listing
User ImageMarketplace Listing
Reve Rouille (11th Gen)
Masquerade (11th Gen)
Secret Retreat (8th Gen)
Dappy Dandy (11th Gen)

arrow How do you Gaians feel about the Recolour?
arrow Are the other items also popular?
arrow Are you going to buy it?
arrow Worth the 1999 GC tag?
arrow How do you feel about this recolour only being 71 poses instead of 94?
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Finally a thread!

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That Reve recolour! Wish granted. emotion_kirakira
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Waiting for them to be in the MP so I can add them on the first post.
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Who else had a mini heart attack??
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The Drunken Jester
Who else had a mini heart attack??

I certainly did!

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I'll wait til I can try it on before I make my decision. I'm more excited for the re-release of the Masquerade. I'd like to add another to my inventory.
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User ImageUser Image
♥ ♥

Wow, I remember people wanting this or something similar for
so so long. Very nice though I dunno if I'd buy one.. I mean.. I don't
normally buy these bundles.

But I do love the Reve eyes and always hated that they were in a grody
yellow color. The blue one fits Soubi more but I'll have to think on it. >u<

the rats in the c e l l a r you know who you are
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User Image
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I just wonder how much the Reve is going to cost. neutral
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          Now if only someone would get it and be the first to break the market with it so I can see which poses were recolored. I really like the Automaton's Corset and have used it in outfits before so it would be good to see how they handled the whole Automaton outfit before deciding whether or not to put this one on a wishlist.

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-heart attack- god damn it I just sold my lady Jane crap bought this outfit and MY DREAM ITEM spits out ....must buy....must buy classified_reve
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I've been waiting for a reve recolor for 1482848 years
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OMFG I seriously love Reve, now it has it's recolor.
And the bundle its made out of the EIs I extremely love.


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sdfgd Omg it's so pretty <3333

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