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I'll use the dresses and boots, but the melting sweater just doesn't look good with most of the layering I like to do.
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Buggy Mage

Congrats Kiotah! I wanted to give props to your Gown design, which I likely wont use for my male avatar but the gown is a wonderful work of art. I think I remember looking at the concepts a while ago, looked like you worked really hard on this one. The shading and color is flawless too.
I think a lot of the items are so adorable~ win from me whee
I just haven't found a way to use them yet ninja
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Shy Fatcat

Meh,I just like number two and the last one.Blah.
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I was wanting more dessert themed items.... got most of them! yum_strawberrypie
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Wow, talk about misleading necro posting neutral
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I saw someone mention in another post, not sure if it was in GCD or Site Feedback, that they should have a housing update contest.

I think that's pretty damn interesting, even if it wouldn't necessarily fit in the shop.

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