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lol more female items xD
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Demonic Vampire

Consulting Time Lord

Agreed, actually. I want some manly, armor-y, elegant or badass things next time around. Not cutesy lolita kawaii stuff I would probably never wear.
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I mean if they did armor.
At least I want armor that looks sleek
and not bulky. A little more like the ladies
but less with the tiny feet of nonexistence...
but a little more tapered than the usual armor
we get too.

But omg...it's been two crosstitch updates where
80% frills and 10% Bulky guy armor and then 10% token
neutral thing (the bag).

D: Ugh. It sickens me. And animal hoodies AGAIN?

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Kawaii Bunny

I love this update, it's all so adorable and yummy.

Such cute skirts!
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Questionable Bunny

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The items are nice, I like the big poofy sundae dress

its just...how come every contest theres an animal hoodie of some sort?
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Tricky Cat

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Love the skirts and stockings. Though I would like the skirts better if they layered over shirts. Can't wait to see what people do with the new contest. ^_^
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Shy Pie-Maker

I adore the new items!
The Chocolate Gowns and the Dessert Skirts are my faves!~
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Lucky Saint

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Hey look, pants!

Rare treat indeed! ( emotion_awesome )
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I like how a lot of these turned out, and I think my favorite item out of this batch is the stockings. heart

I'm super excited that I had my design selected and made though! But, being a picky artist-type, I was hoping they'd have been more like Wind/Dark/Hide Platform shoes at the bottom. x3
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It's all pretty cute. Not my fav Crosstitch update (and a shame too, since it's looking like it's the only gold shop update this month), but I'm sure other people will love it. There's nothing I really jumped on, but I'm sure in the future maybe one of the skirts or the stockings will come in handy.

I'm hoping for some more gender neutral items in the next update.

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Ninja Katze
n o i r i s t
Ninja Katze

Congrats for having your design selected. smile

Seeing as these are all rather cute, they're not my cup of tea but kudos to the creators!

I don't wear many items centered around food themes either, but I am going to try to enter each contest. Thanks for the congrats!

I guess I don't have such a good imagination because I passed the sweets contest but thought at the time, "Well, I'm sure I could design something for the next one..." Nope! Rainy days? All I can think of are umbrellas with bunny/cat/bear ears and you know Gaia's going to recieve a ton of them. confused Plus I wouldn't wear it either. lol

ETA: Oh, do I come off sounding like a snob. I'm not, I promise. sweatdrop
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My first thoughst: ooh, Wreck-It Ralph/Sugar Rush fans are gonna adore this update! I can see cosplay possibilities up the wazoo!
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Muscular Bear

My cute female mule will enjoy this. I love sweets but wearing them is not my type. It's the usual kawaii-frills again.
Here's hoping for more realistic wear for everyone in the next theme.
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@_@ The chocolate dessert skirt~ so effin' cute. emotion_dowant
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Dangerous Lover

Well, I like the pants, at least~

(although took a bit to find shoes that perfectly matched the red/white pants)
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Magic Mage

So much mint. Guh. gonk

Oh well, I guess it's pretty cute anyway.

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