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I have the same problem as most on here...
It keeps saying wrong login, username/password is incorrect.

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Gaia on the go problems I've had:
1. I can't buy or put anything up for sale in marketplace. Ever.
2. I cant preview items or put them on my avatar to see if I want to buy something. This happens in both marketplace and the cash shop.
3. Every time I try to send a private message/ email to someone on gaia, it either won't send, or sends a bunch of messed up symbols and junk. gonk
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thank you guys mine is working again smile
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Step by step instructions to reproduce the bug
Open app
Select marketplace
Select wish list
Select an item from wish list
open item
Scroll down
Click arrow to go back to wishlist
You should be redirected back however the arrow does nothing.
How reproducable is it? Does it always happen or just some of the time?
Completely and always
What pages) does it happen on?
Marketplace listing via wish list
Does it only happen for you or everyone?
I dont know
Do you get an error message? Not that I am aware of

In summary the back arrow for viewing a wishlist item in the MP does not work.
Thank you so much! I was able to log on today using the app.
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Punctuations aren't visible.
When I type words like "isn't, don't, I'll" they all come out as isnt, dont, Ill. Quotation aren't visible as well.

Sending private message, the quote code changes and the recipient either receives a blank message or something like this
"quote&jawmassage=" with [ and ] and then nothing else.
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Am i the only one or is the app down again?
cant login, but it worked last week

Nvm, works again
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When replying to a private message in the Gaia iPhone application, the sent message is blank. It usually consists of quote=(friend's username)][quote= in brackets, with the rest of the message deleted.
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Whenever I trie to list something on the marketplace,it keeps saying to put in my password
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Gaia Online is becoming increasingly difficult to win the gold!. a little more and I'll have to delete my account. I want a game a little more free! I do not always want to pay real money for game coins! I find them too!
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This isn't exactly happening to me, but one of my friends cannot use this thread on their iPhone.

The bug: As stated on the first page, Private Messages are rather messed up. It either never sends the PM, or messes up the quote. However, for my friend, it causes most of the message to be cut, leaving only part of a quote; for example, [quote

Step by step instructions to reproduce the bug: Sending a private message.

How reproducible is it? Does it always happen or just some of the time? It happens all of the time, at least for my friend.

What page(s) does it happen on? Private Messages.

Does it only happen for you or everyone? Apparently it happens for everyone.
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Im not sure where to post this. But i was on bid blast and it said i won but i never got a pm and my gold still has not been deducted i juss wanted to ask how long it takes for the pm if thats okay. Sorry to bother u guys. I apologize if i posted in the wrong place.

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