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Just received the update for the "Gaia Online" using my iPad. Other than an opening screen that is hard to use nothing else works anymore. I deleted it and tried to reload "Gaia Online" and could not in the APP store. The app was not there anymore. I went to my browser and entered Gaia On The Go and down loaded "Gaia Online" from there. Still would not work at all. Please Fix for iPad use.
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Latest update causes the app to crash when pressing "Announcements". I'm using an iPhone 5.
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When I touch the Announcements button, it causes the app to crash. I am using a 4th generation iPod touch with iOS 6.1.

EDIT: Announcements button works if there is a new announcement, but not otherwise.
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Latest update causes the app to crash when pressing "Announcements". I'm using an iPhone 5.
same here. Also using iphone 5.

Currently 1 update behind the most uptodate iphone os
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Announcements work when there is one, but still crashes when there's none.
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Every time I hit the Announcement button on my app it crashes is there any ways you fix that?
heart Are there any Bugs in Towns? I haven't seen them in a while.Didn't know if its me or they are just not there right now.
Thank you heart
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I can understand the need of the update for the newer phones and the iOS updates, but there are bad bugs in it that I'm sure everyone on this forum is complaining about.

The first one is the announcements. I go to click on them and the app crashes.

The second one is the major one in my case. The iPad. I know the developers were trying to make the changes for the iPhone 5, but it seemed as though users who post through the iPads are left in the dark in all honesty. The screen is cut down by a few inches so say like I'm going to update my avatar through the app, I have to play a guessing game of where the back button is to view items on the previous page. It also cuts off the prices of the items on marketplace. What a person would list as 37,000 for an item would only look like 7,000. Items pictures are even cut off on the wish list.

Posting is made harder. The app doesn't accommodate anymore. It used to flip down if you have it set horizontally. It stays flipped vertical like on a phone. When trying to make a post or send a message, the screen remains vertical but the keyboard goes horizontal. This makes it hard to post because it becomes a guessing game of what you type until you drop the keyboard.

In all honesty, the version before the iPhone 5/offers update was working out just fine for both iPhones and iPads. I mean the android app looks better than the iPhone one and has little animations in it too. My suggestion, let users have a chance to go back before the update or please when you make the fixes for the announcement crash, please fix the iPad one. Maybe even make one for iPads.
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Reporting an issue with iOS Gaia app went attempting to click on announcements the link exits the Gaia application.
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So I just encountered a problem on the app.
Problem is the apostrophe symbol won't show up properly.

I think it shows the symbol in the HTML code instead. Which was like "'"..

I'm not sure if it's only my phone, so yeah.
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I'm on a Samsung Galaxy S III.

Installed app, went to check inbox, it loaded my profile.

Went to my profile, it loaded the forums.

Crashed after, resulting in my having to restart my phone.

Promptly uninstalled after that.

Very nice looking app, if only it worked as intended.

To me it looks like it loads a random page no matter what you choose to go to. Crashes frequently as well.
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I have been noticing recently that I have been seeing like a white line on certain eyes. It was not effecting my avatar until tonight and I thought that I should let you guys know about it. you may already know, but maybe not. Thanks for listening!
My avatar is glitch to hell, same with a lot of other peoples avatars.
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It's not for 2nd generation iPod Touch 4.2.1 firmware anymore?

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