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The original Final Fantasy on the NES. I still play through it to this day just about once a year 3nodding
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FF IV smile i never beat the Antlion though ._.
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Final Fantasy 9.
Though I took forever to finish the game since I refuse to enter Shimmering Island before defeating Ozma.
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final fantasy: ring of fates : D (its for ds XD )
that game made me cry so much crying
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Think it was FFIV on the SNES. It was one hard game back then, and playing the DS remake of it last year ... its still a hard game xD.
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13 and it is amazing.

The only reason I played it in the first place was because of Lightning.
The first Final Fantasy game I played was Final Fantasy IV, at the time it was titled "Final Fantasy II" even though this was not the true second installment in the series, a fact I discovered as a young adult.

Even though it was for the Super Nintendo console, and the graphics weren't as fluid as other games of it's time, I felt myself for the first time becoming invested in a video game and becoming interested in the engrossing story of these magical heroes who save the world from the despair of darkness.

I remember my favorite character was Rydia, the "Caller" as they titled her, now that the game has been remade several times however it has been updated to the more familiar term "Summoner". My favorite color is green, and I was eight years old. It was an easy choice of favorite character. lol

Now that I am older, I still enjoy playing the game as its fairly recent reincarnation of Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS. As an adult, I can say that the story still gets me every time and I love it's high replay value. I hope to play the sequel someday! smile
The first demo I tried was X-2.
The first one I completed was IX.
I got into Final Fantasy because Kingdom Hearts introduced me to a few characters.
first one i played was FFVI cuz of my uncle

but the first one i beat was FFVIII cuz it was the only one i could find as a kid haha

My first one was Final Fantasy X. I enjoyed it quite a bit so I moved on to Final Fantasy X-2. If I'd known what I was getting into, I would have hyped myself up a bit more. Final Fantasy X-2 is so damn good.
Final Fantasy III. I think I was 9 years old , c:
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FF7. I remember watching my brother play it for hours and hours and hours. All I wanted was to get to "that green place where the blonde guy yelled 'SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT'" all by myself. That scene is very nostalgic for me.
Final Fantasy 8. 3nodding
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Even though my cousin playing through VIII and IX were my first memories of the franchise, I'm fairly certain I started with XII.
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FFX. ^.^

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