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My first FF was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I fell in love with the story, and thus, the series.
It was seven. I started out strong.
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FFX. And still my favorite.
Final Fantasy 5. My uncle worked at an automobile scrap yard and found it in a car. He rescued it, along with with Final Fantasy 6, from the compactor.
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Crisis Core since it was the 1st I got my hands on... I got it the same time I got my PSP... After that I got my emulators (I buy my PS2 & PSP games I just emulate the older ones) to work properly and I played and completed IX wich is still my all-time favorite... cat_whee
A friend was flabbergasted that I'd never played a Final Fantasy before and since I had just recently bought a PS2 from the pawn shop, she lent me XII.

I still have it to this day while she got another copy forgetting that she lent it to me.
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My first was Crisis Core
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Final Fantasy 2 for SNES. A friend of mine owned it. But first to complete was VII. Another friend of mine had VII and saw him play it. Begged the s**t out of my parent for it. Got it for Christmas.
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The first one i tried to play was VIII but the first one I played through all the way was X
SNES version of IV. I'm 90% sure it was actually titled "Final Fantasy IV" on the cartridge, too. None of this "Final Fantasy II" madness.

I'm actually currently replaying in on an emulator. xD
It was Final Fantasy on the NES
FF1 & 2 Dawn of Souls (GBA)
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Final Fantasy Tactics. I still play it to this day. heart

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Final Fantasy II on the SNES. Which is really FInal Fantasy IV.
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Final Fantasy VII.

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