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ff dissida
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ℜinny says: FFIV
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Must've been ff4 on the snes.
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      Either FFIX or the original Tactics.
      I have no idea which one I played first.
      I think I beat Tactics first though.
Final Fantasy IV on SNES
My Dad: "Hey son keep pressing 'O' while I go to the bathroom."
Me: "okay"

Some time later..

My Dad: "Okay I'm back can I have the controller?"
Me: "No way this game is awesome!"
My Dad: "You're about to die.."
Me: D:' ... mrgreen
Crystal Chronicles, actually, closely followed by Tactics Advanced.
If those don't "count," then it was X with my neighbor. c:
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Why do people say Final Fantasy 4 on the SNES? There was never such a thing unless you moved to japan to get it :U. If your gonna say it, say GBA, PSP, DS, and PSX geez D=. Or was the psx version still 2?

Final Fantasy 2 SNES style.
III on the SNES for about 15 minutes. First one I really plunged into was VII ... on PC.
Final Fantasy 2
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Technically IX but the first I bought was X
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X was my first. Tactics was the first one I actually beat, though.
Seloria Leradine
Final Fantasy 6! smile or 3 in Japan.The US


You're welcome.

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