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Taking an example once again from the Anime/Manga/Comic forum --

Due to the massive amount of users getting around the 'favorite character/hated character' and 'favorite movie' sticky by posting threads such as 'worst movie' and such the mods have made an all encompassing sticky for all adjectives for shows.

So this includes:

- Worst
- Scariest
- Funniest
- Suspensfulness
- The one most full of pudding

And any other adjectives you all can think up. This is to keep the discussion board clean, since the threads that stated 'what's your favorite adjective show!?!' usually just amounts to users posting their show and moving on. There�s almost never a discussion.

The old 'favorite show' sticky will be retired to the mists of the Gaia database and be prepaired for a wave of threads being moved to the recycle bin.

So please use this sticky, otherwise you really shouldnt be whining when your 'what's your favorite vampire show' gets binn'ed. gonk


- Mitsu
Doctor Who
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TV Shows...
Best: Iron Chef
Worst: The O.C
Funniest: Tie - The Glasshouse and Spicks and Specks
The one most full of it: Desperate Housewives
BEst: The OC/ ER/ Third Watch
Worst: Spongebob, American Idol
Fav Reality: Canadian Idol.
Best/My personal favorite : Lost
Worst: American Idol, any of the romance reality tv shows.
That I'm sick of watching : Survivor
Best: Alias, Crossing Jordan, Boston Legal, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Worst: Most reality shows
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favourite(s) - The OC, Scrubs, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, ER, Desperate Houswives, Stargate SG-1, CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
Best| Invader Zim, Drawn Together, South Park.

Worst| Spongebob, UFO files.
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Best show right now is South Park, old School Simpsons and Megas XLR. ^_^

Worst, ... so many.
Best: Days of Our Lives whee (don't ask, please sweatdrop )

Worst: Friends

Funniest: Father of the Pride, Greg the Bunny (Both canceled! crying )

Stupidest: The O.C.

Most Drawn Out: The Simpsons. Ugh, that's going to last forever sweatdrop
The Epitome of Perfection in mine eyes: The Dead Zone
Slight lessers but still wholesome goodness: Invader Zim, Inuyasha/Wolf's Rain/half of Adult Swim, 24, and maybe even Fear Factor now and then
Shows I can't stand: Totally Sp13s one, Teen Titans, anything that wants to be anime but just isn't, 99% of reality shows

Shows that should be on DVD: Inspector Gadget, Dinosaurs !
- Best: WWE Raw
- Worst: The Mummy(cartoon)
- Funniest: South Park
- Suspensfulness: Lost
- The one most full of pudding: Dude, Where's My Car
Craziest: Trailer Park Boys
Funniest: Yes Dear
Worst: Enterprise
Funniest: Blue Collar Comedy and Who's Line is it Anyway?

Worst: Any type of reality show or soap opera

Best: Full Metal Alchemist

Scariest: Uhh...TV shows aren't really scary...
Best: Full Metal Alchemist
Worst:Ghost in the Shell
Fav reality show: Survivor
Scariest: Hellsing

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