My name's Kechara, and I've been on Gaia since March of 2004. I go to the GD once in a while, when I'm bored, but generally I stick to my guilds.

I haven't posted much for a long time, or even been on gaia itself. A lot of things going on for me IRL- I got married to my lover of 2 and a half years. Only New York stopped recognizing us as married(f*cking lemmings), so we ended up moving to Massachutsetts.

So far, things have been going great over here. I finally have another job(The job market's so much better here than it was in New york). I got a full time job working for Verizon wireless, and they pay so much better than my job back in NY. It's perfect, to help support Caitlin through college. She's there on scholarship and all, but I still told her I'd help out.

I was gone from Gaia for a long time, because I've had more important things to do- but the one drawback to my new job is that my work schedule clashes with my wife's school schedule. Aside from days off we only really get the night together, so I'm back on Gaia, to pass the time.

Now that that's been said, leave me a comment! mad


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The rarely used Diary of a KittyFly

Can YOU draw a Kitty-fly?

This is just a journal for any and all Avatar art that people make for me. and maybe a real entry, if I feel like it.



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I totally want your sex.

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I got that file you want, one winge angel. ^^ Just PM Me your Email ^^


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