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~Best: Lost and Survivor
~Worst: 7th Heaven
~Scariest: Lost, because I'm afraid Locke will die too.
~Funniest: Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (cartoon...lol)
~Suspensfulness: Oh, come on. LOST!
~Needs to cancelled: 7th Heaven. Yeah, I hate that show.
~Shouldn't have been cancelled: Tru Calling and Point Pleasant
~Too much hype: Desperate Housewives. Not as good as people say it is.

As you can see, I really love Lost.
~Best: Charmed
~Worst: those stupid reality shows
~Scariest: none really
~Funniest: Simpsons
~Suspensfulness: uhmm...charmed.
Best: Full Metal Alchemist, House
Worst: barney
Scariest: none yet
-Best: Baseball Tonight and Family Guy
-Worst: Friends and CSI
-Scariest: Unsolved Mysteries
-Funniest: South Park, Family Guy, American Dad
-Shows that should be cancelled: Survivor, Desperate Housewives, 7th Heaven, The OC
-Suspenseful:............NASCAR? xd
-Shows that deserve cancelled and burned, smashed, and tossed into a rocket to the sun: The Ashlee Simpson Show
best = family guy/futurama
worst = reality shows
scariest = tru crimes
funniest = will and grace
cancelled = reality tv / american idol
suspensful = csi
best: csi, canadian idol

worst:american idol
Best: Inuyasha and Charmed
Worst: The simple Life
Funniest: Inuyasha and The Surreal Life
Suspensful: Law and Order and Charmed
best: days of our lives, suvivor............
worst: most cartoons...........
Everybody knows that the funniest show in television history is Blackadder. Mmm, Blackadder.

Buffy = teh show of amazingness!
Best: Alias ,CSI, crossing Jordan,Law and Order, Revalations,Family guy(I love stewie)
Worst:American idol, the bachelor. scream
Best: Simpsons, American Idol, Family Guy

Worst: Spongebob, any other show like it
Best: n**/Tuck
Worst: Those flippn anime cartoons
Funniest: South Park
Fav: n**/Tuck
Scariest: Unsolved Mysteries
Best : MXC , Oblivious , MTV

Worst : Reboot

Funniest : Spongebob Squarepants , Jimmy Neutron , Fairly Oddparents

Scariest : Hey kids! Where'd you get that smoke?

Yep, thats mine..
Best Comedy: Teachers and Black adder
Best Reality TV: I normally hate Reality Tv but I loved Brat Camp UK ^-^
Best Drama: Hustle
Worst Comedy Show: Little Britain
Worst Reality TV: Big Brother sweatdrop
Worst Drama: Any Soap operas
Best: Family Guy

Worst: American Idol

Funniest: WWE Smackdown (it is so fake, that it is funny! blaugh )

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