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worst:black and white movies
best:nightmare before christmas,southpark,edward scissor hands
full of it:the bachelor,the swan,i want a famous face scream
Best: Gilmore Girls, InuYasha and the Nanny
Worst: Survivor...the point is to survive so why do they vote off the ones who can???

Funniest: The Aprenitce
- Worst: that new show that's sort of like teletubbies but they look more like brightly colored poop with huge eyeballs. Haha.
- Scariest: (refer to above)
- Funniest: FRIENDS!!! Yeay!!!
- Suspensfulness: CSI...well not really, i just like it.
- The one most full of pudding: what does that mean?
Worst: 7th heaven ( scream scream stressed stressed scream gonk stressed scream gonk scream stressed scream gonk scream stressed gonk )

Scariest: ...

Funniest: The Simpsons (they just own!!!!!)

Suspensful: 24
Best: Lost/South Park/Arrested Development
Worst: Anything on the Christian Television Network xd
Favorite Reality TV Show: Amazing Race
Most Suspensful: Lost
Funniest: South Park/Arrested Development
Favorite: Inuyasha and South Park
Worst: Ther are to many shows i dont like..
Favorite: South Park
Worst: Spongebob
the most boring shows on are when your at home around noon in the middle of the week. i know there ment for pre-schoolers but then you can't watch regular shows til at least one o'clock
best- inu yasha, full metel alchemist, fushigi yugi 3nodding
worst- spongebob, teletubbies, boohbah gonk
Best: Family Guy
Worst: The Amazing Race
Interesting: CSI
Worst- Reality shows...I dislike them all.
Scariest- None.
Funniest- Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Suspensfulness- Reboot (It was an old, CG show that used to show on Cartoon Network during Toonami. That was one of the best shows ever made.)
The Best- Star Trek (TOS preferabbly.)
- Best - The OC!!!
- Funniest - Blue Collar Comedy
- Best Soap - Passions
- Best Cartoon - The Simpsons
Best: Grey's Anatomy
Worst: Reality TV
Funniest: Simpsons
Most intense: Law and Order: SVU
best:hhmm..chapelles show an south park whee
worst:drama or reality shows gonk
funniest:robot chicken blaugh
stupidest:american idol an survivor crying
Best: CSI (the original), Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist, X-men Evolution (shouldn't have been cancelled....)
Worst: Dawson's Creek and/or all soap operas
Funniest: Azumanga Daioh, Excel Saga
Most Suspenseful: Lost
Worst Writing: CSI: Miami (which also wins David Caruso the worst acting award)
Best Reality show: no such thing...

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