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Coolest: Seraph from The Matrix sequels
Most fun: Ford Prefect from the new Hitchhiker's movie
Prettiest: Faramir from LotR sequels
Character who should all sexed up: Obi Wan Kenobi, from Star Wars and its sequels/prequels.
In denial of their homosexuality: Zaphod Beeblebrox from the new Hitchhiker's movie
Most kickass: Slartibartfast from the new Hitchhiker's movie

...I mean, I can't help it. I just saw Hitchhiker's Guide for the 5th time, and my brain has been fizzled.
- Worst: Umm theres a lot. Muhammad Huissen from WWE RAw
- Scariest: Heidenrich from WWE Smackdown!
- Funniest: Kelso from That 70s Show
- Sexiest: Spike from Buffy
- domokun ist: The Gentelmen from Buffy
Funniest-Peter Griffin
Some of my friends think i am crazy but i think Ruka ish smexy ^_^Naitomea rules all!
funniest would be zelos from tales of symphonia whee
fav. - Jason Dorhing / Kristen Bell
worst - freddi prince jr / sarah michelle gellar
best - jonny deepth / michelle trangerberg
domokun - freddi prince jr
hotest - Jason Dorhing / Kristen Bell
Funniest: PINKY (OMG I can't believe no one said him!!!! eek eek eek eek eek eek eek eek )

Worst: (in acting) Amanda Bynes (most hated) everyone from 7th Heaven!!!!!

Hottest: Dot (She just pops up everywhere and asks if she is cute biggrin biggrin )
funnyist-jeff foxworthy
sexyist-eliza dushcoe (faith the hot chick from buffy) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......faith drrrrrooooooollll.............................................................
worst-hilary duff

scariest- ...none that i can think of.oh wait..like one person said..Samora..AND all the "Grudge" people..*shivers*

sexiest- Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp..heh)
also I dont know why but I think Prof. Snape..(>_< wink

funniest- Bill Engvall(sp?)

hmm...and thats all i can think of..@_@
I think the Funniest Character is Peter Griffen

The sexiest has got to be Kelly Monoco from General Hospital, so what I like soap Operas scream

domokun -ist is Simon Cowell
Favorite Character- James T. Kirk

Sexiest- Uhura...You know, Uhura, back in the day. Yeah...she was sexy.

Least Favorite Character- That guy who played the young Picard in Nemesis as his clone...Man he was a pile of garbage.

Funniest- Spock or Data

Scariest- Khan. Yes Khan, he was a pretty scary guy, now shut up!

The character who has kicked more a** than an a**-kicking machine- James T. Kirk

Best Womanizing Character- James T. Kirk
Funniest: Momiji Sohma!! blaugh

Hawtesht: Edward Elric. heart heart

Worst: Any and every character played by Hilary Duff. xp Ripping up pictures of her and burning them is really fun!!!

Scariest: ...I dunno.

domokun -est: What?
Funniest:Wes(Angel) Pacey(DC)
:domoist: :Simon Cowell(AI)
worst: hilary duff, lindsay lohan
best:elijah wood and dom monaghan
sexiest: orlando bloom, elijah wood, dom monaghan (not in that order)
funniest: all from family guy especilly stewie

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