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favorit= Beast Boy
Worst= Lizzie Migwhatever
scream domokun Hillary Duff SUCKS!!!!!!!! domokun scream

Funniest= Homer Simpson, Peter Griffen, And Bender blaugh
- Worst : Hilary duff (or anyone on disney channel)
- Scariest: The Ring/Grudge dead person
- Funniest: Adam Sandler
- Sexiest : Chad Micheal Murray
- domokun ist: uhhh....
worst: lizzie maguire
scariest: the woman and child off of the grudge
funniest: vash from trigun
sexiest; kai and ray from beyblade g-revolution
domokun -est: knives from trigun
Best- Edward Elric
Worst- hmmmmmmm my list is too big
sexiest- Lust, duh
scariest-.........well alot of 'em scare me but not like the ring scary
Funnniest- HUGHES!!!!!! AND THEY KILLED HIM OF!!!!!!!!!!! -sobs- crying
Domo-est- Al, because he needs some love'n
Best- charlie from lost, htde och fez from that 70's show
Worst- eh..dunno
sexiest- ehm....dunno...charlie from lost is hot
scariest- john Locke [lost] creeps me out
Funnniest- whole crew from that 70's show
Worst: Hilary Duff
Scariest: Bill Cosby
Funniest: Peter Griffin
Sexiest: Marcus ( Surreal life 4th season)

What!? Bill Cosby is scary *Shakes*
- Worst// Raven Symone (Or however you spell her last name. I actually don't like how she goes overboard when she tries to do something funny. Like how her voice suddenly changes and her face gets all... yeah, you know what I mean.)<br><br>- Scariest// Hmm... That dude that plays Professor Snape from Harry Potter. (I don't watch those movies often, but that guy gives me the creeps for some reason. But I like him, since he's in my favorite movie, Dogma =) )<br><br>- Funniest// Carlos Alazraqui (Go Reno!)<br><br>- Sexiest// Oh, most definately Hwoarang from the Tekken games... ohhh... -drool-<br><br>- domokun - ist// Hmm... Heihachi... he's insane...
- Worst: Lizzie McGuire
- Scariest: Don't know
- Funniest: Peter Griffon
- Sexiest: Jack Skellington
funniest: homer simpson peter griffin and kelso from that 70 show
worst hilaryduff jbl the bashem brothers
best john cena batesta inuyasha the dude who created gaia and vince micman
iest-Bam Margera,that dudes hot!
Scariest-Cher,she just freaks me out man.
Funniest-Peter Griffen,that guys freakin hilarious!
Coolest-Marilyn all the way dude,that dudes tight.
Down Right Awsome...ist-Jason,you know the guy with the machete,sweetness all around man
-Worst = danny glover
- Scariest = alien xenomorph, in A L () E N
- Funniest = jim carrey in ace vanture pet detective:when nature calls
- Sexiest = jill valentine, resident evil apocolypse
Worst- Anything with "Totally" in the title.
Scariest- Hilary Duff or Britney Spears (though I will admit I used to like her, it was out of stupidity)
Funniest- Um, I'd have to go with... Whoever that ventrioquist is on comedy central. He's just awesome.
Sexiest- Hmm. This is hard. Sexiest character, Tara from Buffy. All the girls on that show are way too cute to be sexy, cept her. She's sexy and cute at the same time.
Worst- I would saw Hillary Duff but she's been abused enough.... ok Hillary Duff
Sexiest- um.... Kristen Dunst... the girl from spider-man.
Scariest-..... none i can think of.
Funniest- Kentaru... that guy from love hina.... he always gets the crap beat out of him over nothing too.
domokun ish-....whats domokun ????
Funniest: Jim Carrey, Chris Rock,Adam Sandler
Scariest: Hillary Duff (she scares me) razz
Sexeist: celebs are weird looking
domokun -ist: I have no idea what that means what so ever blaugh
worst: Hillary

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