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- Worst HIllary duff
- Scariest freddy cruger
- Funniest achen cucher
- Sexiest umm heath leger
- domokun -est
- Best: Locke, from Lost.
- Worst: Phoebe, from Charmed.
- Scariest: Er...dunno, really.
- Funniest: Those guys from Wild Boyz on MTV.
- Sexiest: (Girl) Eva Longoria, even though the show isn't that great, she's hot. (Guy) Josh Holloway, from Lost. Even though I'm a guy, I know sexy when I see it. JH is sexy.
- Worst: well not quite a character, but I hate Jonathon of TAR 6 with a fiery vengeance. And Dawn of Buffy, since I blame her for Buffy's jumping of the shark.
- Scariest: Erm... any character who happens to be a clown. Ew.
- Funniest: Stewie, Brian or Peter of Family Guy; Bender, Zoidberg and Fry of Futurama; Jack and Karen of Will and Grace.
- Sexiest: At the moment I have an unnatural fixation on Ian of Survivor Palau... must be coz he's 6"7 and a dolphin trainer. Ooh, and how could I forget Jake Ghyllanhaal? heart

sexiest-no clue

scareiest- the girl from the ring
- Worst Ash From Pokemon + pokemon in general
- Scariest Elfen Lied
- Funniest Gravitation
- Sexiest SHUICHI SHINDOU heart heart
- - ist whats domokun ist?

I agree wiht that! ^_~ cept we put Yuki under sexiest.
best shows (not in order)
shamanking,yuyuhakusho,code lyoko
pokemon sucks! biggrin
Scariest: Rose McGowan
Funniest: Peter Giffian
Sexiest guy: Brad Pitt
Worst: Hilary Duff
Hotest: Brad Pitt and Josh Harnet
Favorite:A;yssa Milano from Charmed as Pheobe
scariest is samara from the ring
funniest is quite a few
funniest:are we there yet! (in theaters!)
jack skeliton lol
my favriot cartoon charcter:kurama (from yuyuhakusho!)
The hottest guy on t.v. right now is Joshua Jackson on Dawson's Creek reruns! He will always be the hottest guy on t.v. no matter what! biggrin

Scariest - The mental institute person in Beauty & the Beast
Funniest - Eddie (sp?) from cowboy bebop, Stewie, Twins from the Cramp Twins, (there are too many really)
Sexiest - Severus Snape & Wolverine
The scariest character in the WORLD is Norma Desmond, man. Holy past and self-obsessed batmancakes!

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